A couple of more from yesterday

I have never seen a peacock strut his stuff like the one did yesterday.  He was really trying to impress the female right there in front of him, but she ignored him completely.  It made me chuckle.

When we left the petting zoo we headed to Rock Hill to visit Gran at the rehab center, and June even fed her some ice cream.

Two by Two Petting Zoo

Clara spent this weekend with me, and yesterday Addie & Lee dropped June & Mason off, so we headed to Monroe, to the Two by Two Petting Zoo.  We were hoping to get there early enough to beat the heat, and it was better than it would have been later in the day, although still plenty warm.  Here are the wallabys – so cute.

And the miniature donkeys – one of my favorites of the day.

Clara’s Final Field Day

Friday I was at Bethany Elementary School for Clara’s final field day as an elementary school student.  The kids had so much fun with the relays and all the other activities.

With her friends Serenity and Lexie, getting ready to hit the bouncy house 🙂

Speed Stacking

Tuesday Jeff & I were at Larne Elementary to watch Mason participate in the annual speed stacking event.  He did a great job – I was really impressed by him and all the kids.

His team came in second in the relay portion of the event.  Here he is receiving his medal.  He was so excited 🙂

Sullivan Spring Band Concert

Tuesday evening Jeff & I, with Keaton in tow, headed to Rock Hill to watch Charlie perform with the Sullivan Middle School band.  Alas, he was on the very back row, so we could not see him at all when they were playing, but did get this quick shot of him when they announced his name as one of the Excellent Award winners at competition.  The band really did a good job, though.

Jenny was working, but I did get this picture of him with his dad and bro afterwards.

Olivia’s Graduation

Last Saturday I was in Raleigh to see Lig receive her Master’s in Public History degree from NC State University.  Got this picture of her at the reception afterwards of her with all of her proud aunts.

And at the family party we had following that at Isabella Cannon Park.  So much fun celebrating this special girl.

Festival of Tables

Saturday was this annual event at our church.  I was in Raleigh to see Lig receive her master’s degree, so I ran by the church early that morning before I headed out to see the decorated tables.  Here are a couple of my favorites.  They were absolutely gorgeous.

Adam at the Track

Friday night Jeff & I were there to watch Charlie and Adam race BMX for the first time in quite a while.  Adam had to race in the expert category, so he came in last in all three races, but it gave it his all and we were proud.

He didn’t seem to disappointed after it was all over 🙂