Busy Saturday

What a good, busy, exhausting day we had yesterday.  Started out at Adam’s basketball game, where Zollie, Cooper, Boo & Elise were in town to meet us & take in the action.  Got this group shot afterwards of our guy and his fan club. From there all of us, along with Andrew, went straight to Clover […]

Spring is coming!

So glad to see some flowers when we were out piddling in the yard today!  Our driveway has expanded over the years to include the area where we planted crocuses the first year we lived here – over 30 years ago now – but they still just keep on coming up 🙂 Daffodils are blooming, […]

Clara – Tuesday

Yesterday Clara helped me make chicken pot pies for supper.  I hate we didn’t have time for her to help me pick the meat off the chicken bones, but I knew I needed to that part ahead of time.  Here she is dividing the meat up into the two pans – one for their house […]

Saturday morning basketball

Charlie had his first – and last – playoff game Saturday morning.  Reports were that last time they played this team it was a really close game, but that wasn’t the case this week.  They still played hard and seemed to have a good time.  And after the game, Charlie – in the #2 vest […]