Mason’s Last Game

Last night Mason’s team lost in one of the semi-final games of the tournament, so their season is over.  They played great, though.  They’d lost to this team, the Rhinos, twice before this season, and this was by far the best they’d ever played against them.  Mason’s #11 in this action shot. Team photo afterwards, […]

Yesterday Pix

Jeff is really getting a good start on redoing the toy room into a guest room.  He spent the morning yesterday patching holes.  It is AMAZING how many dings the walls collect when kids are playing in there with tonka trucks and Barbie dolls every day 🙂 Then last night was June’s basketball game.  It’s […]

Saturday games

We started off in Rock Hill, watching Adam play.  Here is our point guard in action. I didn’t get really any good pix of June’s game, but did get this one of Mason one of the times he got to the free throw line.

More Pre-Dance Photos

Here are a couple of more pictures I made when we were watching Mallory and her friends before the dance.  The earlier picture was made before all the girls had arrived, so we got them posed and got this one, too. I loved seeing her with Calee-Madyson.  They were good friends in preschool at this […]

Friday pix

Our day started very early, with us – and by us I mean Jeff – getting a start on redoing the toy room, in preparation to turn it back into a guest room.  He had all the carpet out before daylight, but I held him off long enough to get this before picture.  I’d say […]

Thursday pix

Wednesday night late Jeff & I finished another jigsaw puzzle.  This is one Andrew, Jenny, & the boys got us for Christmas, and was the first 1000 piece one we’d done in a while.  Great fun – and I love the picture on it. Last night Char had a rare mid-week game, so we headed […]

Bantam Chef

Today, MLK Day, Charlie was here to hang out with us – Adam went to a paint ball birthday party.  Our original plan was to head to Asheville to check out the pinball museum.  Jeff is sick, though, and he really wants to go on that adventure with us, so Charlie & I just decided […]

Another Basketball Saturday

Today Jeff & I got to three of the five basketball games that grand ones were playing in, but I didn’t get many action shots at all.  Even this one I took of Charlie on the court isn’t showcasing that much action 🙂 And June is the one in the grey shirtsleeves, playing good defense […]

Clara’s Winter Chorus Concert

Last night was Clara’s concert – her last at Bethany Elementary.  Wow – that’s hard to believe.  They did such a good job. The each age group – 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders – performed with their class.  Clara and the other fifth graders played xylophones, glockenspiels, and here, Clara in the middle playing a […]