Family Christmas 2018

Such a great day today when we got together for lunch and to celebrate together.  Addie got this picture of the girls with me on the couch.  Not sure who most of us were looking at or listening to 🙂

Our baby boys – almost grown up.  These guys love each other so much.

Gingerbread Competition Part 2

The gingerbread creations just kept getting more and more amazing.  This one was in the top ten in the youth division – ages 9-12.  Since we’d just been to the space center back in the spring, we loved that it was a rocket theme.  And what talented kids there are out there.

The grand prize winner was a steam punk Santa’s workshop.  The detail and artistic perfection were just jaw dropping.  Do you see those gears?  The glass and woodwork in the windows?  That perfect brick work?  And every single thing you see is edible.  Unbelievable.

LP’s Visit

Lesley got into the Carolinas after midnight Christmas night, and yesterday she came here for supper with most of the York County contingent of the family, so we could get a little bit of visiting in.  Jenny took this picture of the rest of us before Andrew & the boys had to make an early exit to get to basketball practice.  From left are Andrew, me, Charlie, Mallory, Mike, Lindee, Clara, Adam in front of Lesley, Elise, June, Little Hope, Addie, Meg, & Jeff.

Getting in some visiting time.  It was a great evening, although not nearly long enough – of course.

Christmas Day Visiting

What a fun day Christmas day was! We had each meal of the day at a different child’s house, and got to see what all the grandkids had received that morning.  We started out with breakfast at Addie and Lee’s, and one of the big presents of the day – not only at their house, but for the whole family, I think – was June getting her new phone.  She was SO excited about it 🙂

Then it was on to lunch with Andrew and family, where the
BMX boys were excited to show off the new ramps they’d received.  Just such a fun day.

Christmas Eve at Woodland

As is our tradition, Jeff & I headed to Rock Hill yesterday afternoon to worship with Andrew & Jenny, & to watch Charlie and Adam in their Christmas pageant.  Adam did a great job as a wiseman, and Charlie was a modern day shepherd, which was pretty cool.  I got this picture of Adam and his buddy Caden (Joseph) before the service started.  I’m not sure who that little shepherd sitting behind them was, but he was so cute.

I did not know that Andrew and Charlie were serving communion until we got to the church.  What a beautiful way for me to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Clara’s Christmas Party

Friday morning I headed out to Bethany Elementary School to help Lindee with Clara’s class party – her last one, since next year she’ll go to middle school.  As it turned out Lindee had plenty of parents there, but no one had actually signed up, so she didn’t know that ahead of time.  I got this picture of Clara and her tablemates:  Carter, Miley, and Ella, when they came up to the hot chocolate bar.

Clara was excited for me to see their class elf.  She’d told me most days when I picked her up where they’d found the elf that day, so she loved showing us that he was hanging upside down in the corner – and that he’d left them a note 🙂

June’s 2nd Basketball Game

Thursday night we headed into town to watch June and her team play the game that was postponed when the weather was so bad a couple of weeks ago.  They still didn’t win, but it was a much closer game than the first one was.  Here is June in action – in the grey t-shirt, getting going on defense.

And I got this cute picture after the game.