Clover School District Elementary School Honors Chorus Concert

This evening we headed into town for the annual concert – Clara’s last, since she’ll be starting middle school next year.  They really did do an amazing job, as they always to.  It’s amazing the way they can get these fourth and fifth graders to sing.

June went with us to watch Clara sing, and she was excited to see her former assistant principal there. Mrs. Garen is now Clara’s assistant principal :-). June wanted to get their picture made together, and I thought it turned out so cute.

Final Haunted Trail pix :-)

Today Addie & Lee brought June & Mason over to walk around the trail one more time in the daylight, and we got a couple of pictures of some of the details.  Jeff wanted me to get a picture of the ghoul running over the guy with the lawnmower, AFTER the blood was added to the scene.  So here is that 🙂

And here is the giant snake – a brand new critter this year 🙂

Sunday afternoon

When I got home from church yesterday Jeff was waiting for me in the driveway.  I’d made sandwiches for us to eat in the car, and we hit the road.  First stop was the Pumpkin Patch at Woodland UMC in Rock Hill, where Charlie and his buddy Raleigh were working, selling pumpkins to raise money for the youth.  They weren’t real excited about putting on the pumpkin costumes, but we finally shamed them into it. 🙂

From there we headed straight to Columbia, where Clara had two soccer games back to back. This is in the second half of the second game, and they were all taking breathers whenever they could. They won both games – the second in a real nail biter – so they were happy and we were proud.

A couple of more from the Haunted Trail

We got a group shot of all the kids who were here dressed in their costumes with the clowns in the basement.  Right after this they all got changed so their outfits wouldn’t smell like smoke from cooking hotdogs over the campfire 🙂

One of the VERY few pictures that I took after dark that ***sort of*** turned out…

Haunted Trail

Last night we celebrated our final Haunted Trail with all the kids, grandkids, and several of their friends.  One of my favorite new critters that Jeff built this year was the Devil, because he did such a good job of painting its hands to match the mask.  He was standing in the cemetery near the very beginning of the trail, but there was so much going on that I don’t think many people noticed him.

There were lots of snakes that sort of made me gasp as we walked around the trail 🙂

Thursday Pix

Thursday was the Fall Festival at church for our Forever Young group – our older adults.  This is the only picture I got the entire day – the centerpiece of our table.  It was beautiful, though, and so much fun.

On Wednesday night Mallory had her end-of-the-season golf party, and received both the academic award and the MVP – as an eighth grader playing on the varsity team. We were pretty proud, and I was excited to see her plaque when we got to their house Thursday afternoon.

More from The Peach Tree

I didn’t realize – obviously I need to pay closer attention to my grandchildren – that when we were at the Peach Tree, the kids followed the cat around behind the building into the work space.  Still taking pictures of that cat, though 🙂

I did love these pictures June got of one of the tables of gourds, though. Very cool.

At The Peach Tree

Yesterday when I picked June and Mason up from school we headed to The Peach Tree for some of their yummy ice cream for an after school snack.  Haunted Trail items are all over our house and yard, so we weren’t able to come back here 🙂  Mason went with a cookies and cream cone, but June wanted candy corn topping, so she got her cherry something-or-other in a cup 🙂

My original plan had been to eat our ice cream and then head over to check out a new walking trail that I’d heard about in York. BUT, as it turned out, a tiny kitten came out to visit from the house next door, so there was no chance of us getting out of there in a timely fashion. June took my camera and made about a gazillion pictures of the little cutie, which they promptly named Pumpkin Spice 🙂

Boardwalk at River Park

Saturday morning I had to head to Rock Hill early to get Adam home to start their busy day.  After I dropped him off I decided to take a walk back at River Park, but thought I would check out the boardwalk area, something I’d never done before.  It was a lovely walk.