Back at the track

Last night we were back at the BMX track, watching both Charlie and Adam race.  It was sort of a sparse crowd, since many of the racers were at the Gold Cup race in Augusta.  Charlie should have been there as he had qualified for that earlier in the year, but with his broken arm he just wasn’t ready to be back in a race that intense yet.  Next year.  Here he is at the starting gate on the orange bike.  He won his first moto and the main, for the first time since his cast came off, so we were proud.

Uncle Boo was in town to take Lesley back to the airport in Raleigh today for her to head back to San Diego, and he came out to cheer the boys on. Great evening.

Off to Columbia

Thursday I picked Clara up from school and we went to her house.  As soon as Lindee got there with Mallory after she got out at the middle school, Lindee & I hit the road for Rock Hill to pick up my friend Kirkie.  There was an absolutely gorgeous rainbow joining us for the journey.

The three of us hit the road to Cola, where we were attending a presentation at the Lexington County Library presented by the Pat Conroy Literacy Center in Beaufort. It was called “I Was Born to be in a Library,” and was stories of how important libraries had been in Pat Conroy’s life. It was so interesting and entertaining and we just loved it. We did accidentally go to the Lexington County Soccer Fields on the way when I pulled up the wrong directions in my phone, but we got there before the program started. And the presentation was in honor of the 20th anniversary of this branch of the library being there, so we even got to have cake :-). This man, Johnathan Haupt, is the director of the Literacy Center, and had worked closely with Pat Conroy before he died in many different aspects, so he really was a wealth of information. He has edited a new book called Prince of Scribes, with different writers’ tributes to Pat Conroy, and I got a copy of that for Lindee for Christmas. It won’t be a huge surprise, but at least I know she’ll like it :-). And when that was over we went to Libby’s for reubens & philly cheesesteaks & wraps for supper, and then waited out an absolutely torrential downpour before heading bck out to the car, and then drove home through the most bizarre lightning display that I can ever remember seeing. Lindee said she felt like she might be getting ready to start having seizures. It just went on and on and on. Crazy. Got home about midnight. It was a great time.

Fun Wednesday

Wednesday I headed to Rock Hill to visit with Gran – but first went on my now traditional trail walk.  The road was closed leading to River Park, so I turned around and went to check out the Piedmont Medical Center Trail, which is actually the same trail as the one at River Park, but I was at the other end.  There was still a serious hill to get my heart pumping!

Then at church that night Alex was there with Kimbrell and Ellie. It was SO good to see them again – so much fun. Ellie just isn’t a baby at all any more!

Back on the golf course

Monday Mal had a match in Fort Mill so of course we headed over to watch it.  It actually was probably the worst she’d played all year, but everyone has an off day every now and then.  They did finally get their new uniforms in – with like three weeks left in the season – so everyone was all excited about that.

Bob Dowd’s 70th party

Sunday afternoon Charlotte had a big 70th throwdown for Bob at the church.  I got this picture of him with June when they got there.  Charlotte and Bob kept June part time for probably the first three years of her life, so they have always been special to each other.

Bob’s band played at the party, and several people took advantage of the great music to hit the dance floor. That’s June and Clara in front, and Jeff in the bandana dancing with Lindee in the green.  What a fun day.

Back on the bike

Friday night we were at the track when Charlie raced again for the first time since he got his cast off.  It was a little nerve wracking, but he did really good not to have raced in six weeks, we thought.  This is about as neck and neck as you can get – that’s Char on his new orange bike on the other side.

Larne Elementary Fun Run

Yesterday morning Jeff & I headed to meet Addie and Lee at the school to cheer Mason on in his fun run.  I got this picture of him with his buddies as they were getting ready to start. Brayden, the little boy on Mason’s left, is the son of a girl that Andrew went all the way through school with; the little boy on the right is the son of a guy in Addie’s class 🙂

After the race, with all his laps checked off. So proud!

Thursday pix

Thursday morning I went walking in Rock Hill before I headed to Gran’s house.  River Park had reopened after Florence passed us by, so I headed back over there.  The first time I went I walked on the new paved Piedmont Medical Center Trail.  This time I went down closer to the river, on the old original trail.  There was an old open air classroom – I wondered when the last time was anyone had studied there, although I sat on one of the benches and it was very sturdy, so they may use it often.  That’s the new paved trail you can see behind it.

After I picked Clara up from school we swung by and got Jeff and headed straight to the golf course, to watch Mallory and the other Lady Blue Eagles in action against Nations Ford. They didn’t win the match, and it was Mal’s greatest outing, but they learn something every time they play, so we are proud.