New Car for the Yarbs!

Last weekend Addie, Lee & the kids got a new car, and they are all SO excited.  The kids have really been wanting us to come see it, so Wednesday when we took them home after the golf match we finally got to see it.  They love it and are SO excited!

Back at the golf course

Wednesday was Mallory’s second match of the season.  She didn’t do as well as she did the first match, but friends who know about this sort of thing have said that it was a much harder course than the first one – and of course we are always proud of her & think she’s done […]

Tea bag rocket

Tuesday afternoon when Clara was here we worked once again on the teabag rocket experiment.  We had tried it last week at her house, but I didn’t want to try it inside at their house, since it involved a flying flame.  And it was windy outside, so the tea bag kept blowing over.  AND the […]

Kicking off golf season

Clara started soccer Saturday, and today, just 48 hours later, Mallory started her golf season, with the first victory they have ever won in a head-to-head match.  Here is Mal putting for birdie.  She didn’t get  it, but did make par, so we were proud. We got this picture afterwards of the team and their […]

A couple more from yesterday

I got our traditional post-match picture of Clara after the games were over yesterday. Then as we were walking to the car, we were SO excited when Jackson’s brother Jonathan drove by, with brand new Calhoun Weeks Dover in the backseat. I wanted to make them get him out of the car so I could […]

Clara’s 1st soccer tournament

It’s soccer season again, so yesterday Jeff & I were off to Boiling Springs to see Clara play for the first time since the spring.  We were a little late, since we first went to the wrong field, but got there in time to see both of their 3-0 & 4-0 victories.  Here are a […]

Back at the track

Last night we headed back to Rock Hill to watch Adam race.  Just like last week, the main was a close contest, but Adam pulled it out in the end.  Yay Adam! We didn’t stay long enough to get a picture of him with his trophy, but I did get this picture of him waiting […]

Meeting little Caleb

This afternoon I finally got over to meet Kevin & Joy’s new baby, Caleb.  He’s about seven weeks old now, and is absolutely precious.  Kevin has been one of Andrew’s good, good buddies since they were in high school together, and I am so happy to see things going good for him.

Wonderful morning at church

June served as an acolyte for the first time this morning during the early service.  I was in the nursery, so had to watch her on the screen – but was very thankful the screen was working this morning.  That’s her with the big white bow in her hair lighting the candles. Then during the […]