Tuesday Pix

When Adam and I woke up this morning, Jeff had already been outside taking pictures of the deer outside in the backyard – before it was even really daylight.  I hate we missed them, but am glad he got pictures. Today our kids’ church group went to check out the waterpark at the Y in […]

More from Chimney Rock

I loved everything about Chimney Rock, even the murals on the bathroom walls.  Impressive, to say the least. The hike to Hickory Nut Falls was 1 1/2 miles round trip, and was rated moderate. When you got back, though, you had to climb these 171 stairs to get back to the bus to take you […]

Chimney Rock

What a great day we had yesterday.  Jeff, Adam, & I headed out almost as soon as Adam got here for Chimney Rock.  That’s a place I’d been wanting to check off my bucket list for years, and yesterday we finally made it happen.  Great fun.  The elevator there had been out for probably three […]

Sherlock Holmes Tea

Yesterday my dear friend Charlotte and I headed to the Charlotte Museum of History, to take part in one of the Teas of the British Isles that they present every summer.  The theme of this one was Sherlock Holmes’ London, and it really was a good time.  W e had a little time to explore […]

At the track

Last night we went to the BMX track for the first time in a few weeks to see Charlie race – next week he’ll be at Boy Scout camp, so he won’t be here.  It was a close race, but here he is coming in first in the main. Our friends Maxie and Diane came […]

Group Photos

Yesterday we started the day off at the park in town, with our kids from church.  They had a good time playing ga-ga ball, and then we walked over to check out the pond.  They caught frogs and tadpoles and just in general had a wonderful time.  Here is our crew just before we walked […]