Kings Mountain National Battlefield

Yesterday we left straight from church – we’d all brought bag lunches – and the BIG & Tweens headed out to Kings Mountain National Battlefield for our end of the year outing.  It was a small but fun group.  Here they are as we were getting ready to head into the museum. After checking out […]

Festival of Tables

Today was our actual annual Festival of Tables celebration at church. Again, I cannot believe how creative people are, and how many different ways these tables can be decorated. I loved this one my friend Linda Abernathy did to celebrate our Clover churches. So beautiful And “Hats Off to Southern Ladies” was one of my […]

Getting Ready for the Festival of Tables

Tomorrow is our annual Festival of Tables at church.  I am not talented enough to decorate a table – my job every year is making all the jello (this year it was nine pans), but I do love and appreciate how beautiful other people are able to make them.  Today after I picked Clara and […]

Thursday Pix

Thursday afternoon I was back out with Mallory and Clara.  Usually Clara and I have some sort of activity going on in the afternoon, but she was busy reading all afternoon, trying to get her word count up enough to meet her goal, so she could get to go to the Wet and Wild Water […]

Wednesday Pix

Today when June and Mason got here after school we tried a new recipe for squash dressing. Supper was at church tonight, so we’ll give it a try tomorrow night. At BIG this evening at church, we studied the story of God giving Moses the Ten Commandments. Here are the Israelites waiting for Moses to […]

Tuesday pix

Jeff’s been working out in the yard some, and he got this picture before I left to go pick Clara up from school.  Blossoms on the blackberry vines always make me happy! Clara and I made Mexican Wedding Cookies yesterday afternoon. Yum!

Supper Help

This week I have Mallory and Clara four days, because next week Emma is picking them up every day while I am at Epworth-by-the-Sea.  Monday afternoon they helped me make meatloaf for supper.  Here is Clara getting the ketchup put on top.

Clara’s 10th Birthday Party

Such a fun afternoon yesterday, when we headed over to celebrate Clara at her party.  It was so hot that it turned into a water party sort of at the last minute, so the first activity was all the kids helping fill up water balloons and set up the sprinklers, etc.  I got them to […]