Monday – back at Kennedy Space Center

We started our day off Monday with the bus tour of the Space Center.  It was so interesting seeing things that weren’t included in the immediate Visitor Center Area.  We especially loved seeing the new tower they are building to shoot the new Orion into orbit, to take man out of low earth orbit, back […]

Final Sunday Pix

I was so excited to see, when we got to the Astronauts Hall of Fame, to see Rhea Seddon had been inducted in years gone by. She is from Murfreesboro, and went to high school where I did – just a few years earlier. So cool. One last picture before we headed home for the […]

In the Shuttle Exhibit

In the shuttle exhibit, there was a mini-international space station made out of these clear tubes for the kids to climb through, suspended a floor above the ground floor. Jeff went down to get a picture of Clara and Charlie climbing through – that’s them in the front part of the tube. They said it […]

Sunday at Kennedy Space Center

I think all six of us agreed that our favorite part of the day Sunday was time spent in the Atlantis exhibit.  It was so well done, and surprisingly emotional when they opened the curtains and you could walk out and see the Atlantis for the first time.  I was not the only one tearing […]

Kennedy Space Center – Day One, Part One

What a great day we had Sunday, when Jeff, Lindee, Mallory, Charlie, Clara and I headed to the Kennedy Space Center.  We started out at the Rocket Garden, mostly because it was outside, and rain was predicted later in the day.  The kids LOVED checking out the Apollo space capsule – here are Mallory and […]

Saturday – off on vacation

Yesterday morning we started off at Mason’s district pinewood derby competition.  Here he is showing off his car before his first heat.  I only got to watch him race one time before we had to leave, but Addie said he ended up getting 18th place out of 90, so we were proud. Then Jeff and […]

Grandson Thursday :-)

This morning Jeff and I headed to Larne Elementary School, where we met up with Lee to see Mason, and the rest of the 2nd graders, give their Title I presentations.  They were on different animals.  The kids drew a habitat out of a jar, and then could choose any animal they liked to work […]

Mal’s Final Lacrosse Match

Yesterday Jeff and I headed to Charlotte to take in Mal’s final game of the season – and she says of her career.  She had enjoyed playing, but it has really cut into her golfing time, so it wasn’t worth the trade off to her.  It was at Charlotte Latin, which is near Dennis’s house, […]