School of Rock

For Christmas Mallory and Clara got tickets to go with Lindee and me to see “School of Rock,” one of our Broadway Lights series in Charlotte.  The kids in that show were incredibly talented – wow.

More from Biltmore Estate

The wreaths on the doors heading into the conservatory were beautiful, too.  Every set of doors had a different kind of wreathes on them, but all were made out of natural materials – so pretty. We enjoyed the Legacy Museum, where the display was still on exhibit that Jeff and I saw when we were […]

More from the Biltmore

Saturday morning we headed back to the Biltmore Estate, and our first stop was at the Conservatory.  We were glad to be in from out in the cold!  The plants and flowers in the conservatory were as beautiful as always, although there was more of a Christmas theme to them, of course.  I loved this […]

Christmas at Biltmore

Friday evening Lindee, Mallory, Clara, Emma, and I headed back to Asheville, to take in The Biltmore House while it was still decorated for Christmas.  This was the hallway at the entrance.  Absolutely gorgeous. One thing I especially enjoyed as we walked through the house was noticing the decorations in just every single corner. In […]

C Grier Beam Truck Museum

Today we had our final Christmas break outing, when Charlie, June, Adam, Mason, and I headed to Cherryville, to visit the Carolina Freight Museum.  I have wanted to go since I first heard about it years ago, and it really was fun.  It wasn’t real big, but the kids seemed to enjoy it, too.  We […]

At the Museum

June and Mason had asked if we could go to the Museum of York County for one of our Christmas Break outings, so yesterday was the day.  They were tearing down the traveling exhibits that had been there since last summer, and we weren’t there at the right time for a planetarium show, but we […]

The Six Cousins

We had a fun, low key day when all the kids were here Tuesday.  It had been a while since all six had been here together, and they always love those days.  So do I.  We spent part of the morning putting together a couple of huge pots of soup – enough for supper, to […]

New Year’s Day

Even though neither of us really felt like it, on New Year’s Day Jeff and I powered through and got all the Christmas decorations packed up and put away.  Here is our crowd of critters waiting to go up in the attic for another year 🙂

West Coast Nieces

Saturday night both Liz and Lesley were in York County, so we gathered here at the house for a celebratory supper.  Front row are Adam, June, Clara, Mal, and Charlie.  In back are me, Amy, Boo standing on the chair, Jeff, Lindee, Liz, Jenny, Leesy, Addie, Lesley, and Andrew.  So special. Our girls. I loved […]