Sock Snowmen

That was our craft of the day – we spent a huge part of the morning working on those.  It was just so nice to have a slow, low-key day to just be after all the busyness of the holiday season, even though that was all wonderful, too.  Here is Mason showing off his finished product.

Christmas Evening

What a beautiful day we had yesterday.  Started the day at Addie’s, seeing what June and Mason got for Christmas.  Then to Andrew’s for lunch & to check out Charlie and Adam’s goodies, even though Jenny still wasn’t 100%.  Made a stop by to visit with Granny and Elise, and then finished up the day at Lindee’s, where we ate supper with those four and Rick and Emma.  The girls got such nice things for Christmas – including this drawing table that I know Clara is going to so enjoy using.

Christmas Eve Service

This evening we headed to Woodland UMC for their annual Christmas Eve candlelight service, and to see Charlie and Adam participate in the Christmas play, as we usually do.  Charlie and his buddy Cole were not only wise men in the play, they also were acolytes for the evening.

Adam, in the brown, was the innkeeper. I took this picture after the play, when Pastor Eddie had them all sit down as he talked to them – sort of a children’s sermon. They did a great job.

Family Christmas

Yesterday we celebrated the holyday with our children and grandchildren with a brunch at our house.  Jenny was home sick with the flu :-(, but the rest of us had fun being together, eating and laughing and talking and opening presents.  Wonderful day.  June and Clara entertained us with some singing…

I knew this gift would be perfect for eight- and nine-year-old boys. They were a hit – really with everyone 🙂

Kimbrell and Ellie come for a visit

What a special Friday we had, when Alex stopped for lunch for us, and brought Kimbrell and Ellie over to hang out for a couple of hours.  I called Addie, since I knew she was off that day, and she brought June and Mason over to play with the girls.  I got this picture before everyone headed out, except for Kimbrell, because, you know, she’s two 🙂

Camel Ride :-)

Sunday evening Mason and I had a grandmother/grandson date night, and went to Narroway Theater to see The Real Christmas Story.  As an added bonus, he got to ride the live camel that was used in the show.  Needless to say, that was a treat – for both of us!  He liked riding and I liked watching :-).  The good news is that I pick up the camera that Jeff and I got each other for our birthdays first thing tomorrow morning at Best Buy.  Hopefully I’ll get better pictures from here on out.