Nurture Luncheon

Tuesday I helped with the annual luncheon at church for our nurture members – older people, many of whom are mostly shut-ins.  A lot of work is put into getting as many there as possibly can come – lots need much help with walking, etc.  It is always so special seeing these old friends who so […]

Rosewood Thanksgiving

Monday I spent the morning at Rosewood Elementary working their book fair.  As it turned out it was their Thanksgiving lunch day, and I stayed and ate with Adam, Jenny, and Andrew.  That’s Adam’s bff Olivia in this picture with Adam and his mom 🙂

Veterans Day at Larne and Rosewood

Our day started out yesterday at the Veterans Day celebration at Larne Elementary.  As we were walking in, Mrs. Wald, the music teacher, told me that she noticed we were double dipping yesterday – Mason was part of the color guard, in his cub scout uniform, presenting the flags, and June took part in the […]

Chocolate Dipping

Thursday afternoon I picked both girls up from school – that doesn’t happen that often any more, because Mallory so often goes to play golf.  I had some dipping chocolate left over from making buckeyes last week, so I took it, and we spent some time that afternoon dipping marshmallows and pretzels.  It was kind […]

Fresco Churches

The final day of our birthday trip, last Monday, Lindee and I spent the entire morning visiting the churches in Glendale Springs and West Jefferson that are home to the beautiful Ben Long frescoes.  I had not been to see them in decades, and they really are just gorgeous.  This one was the centerpiece of […]

Grayson Highlands

We stopped by the state park for one more hike before the trip came to a close.  This is the park where we’d camped and hiked when Olivia worked there, so we’d been to Little Pinnacle several times.  It gets prettier every time I see it, I believe.

Day 3 – Abingdon

Sunday we spent the day in Abingdon – what a beautiful Virginia mountain town.  We were so excited to find the Abingdon Muster Grounds, a National Park on the site of the grounds where the Overmountain Men gathered to march to Kings Mountain for the big battle there.  Since Kings Mountain National Battlefield is here […]