Children’s Sunday

This past Sunday we celebrated Children and Youth Sunday at church. Here are some of the kids who led the congregation in singing Hallelu! Hallelu! Hallelu! Hallelujah! as the children’s sermon.  Mason is on the end in the gray, and June with her arms crossed.

Halloween Decorating

This morning Andrew and Adam came over for a while – Charlie is at a boy scout campout.  While Andrew helped Jeff chainsaw the trees that had fallen down on the trail during the recent storms – getting ready for the Haunted Trail! – Adam helped me get some decorating done inside.  He did a […]

The Kids This Afternoon/Evening

When I picked Clara up after school she already had most of her homework done, so after she finished up her reading we spent the afternoon making candy bar puppies.  They were a hit, for sure. In fact, she sent a couple of them with me to take to Mason to celebrate his performance this […]

Fruit of the Spirit Tag

Tonight at BIG we had a few minutes left after we finished practicing music for Children’s Sunday coming up this weekend, so we got in a little bit of tag time in the gym before the parents got there.  I’m not sure what the rules were, but the kids definitely seemed to have fun.

Date Nut Loaf

This afternoon Clara and I were back to baking again – we were making desserts for Wonderful Wednesday supper at church tomorrow night.  Here she is stirring the nuts into the batter.  Such a good helper!

Regional Tournament

Today was the Region 4 Class 5A girls’ golf tournament, and Clover was definitely the underdog.  Here is Mal putting -she definitely struggled with that today, but by the back nine she was really coming around. On three – EAGLES. Clover advanced to the Upper State Tournament next week. This from a team who hasn’t won […]

At the Track

Friday night Jeff was at the beach for Bike Week and Andrew was running in one of his all night relays, so I met Jenny at the track to watch Charlie race.  He came in second in the first moto and second in the main.  That’s him closest to the camera as they are coming […]

Fun Yesterday

Pictures are very blurry, but yesterday was another good day.  Mason was here sick again, so of course him being sick wasn’t a good part.  But when the meds kicked in he felt fine – good enough to help me make pies for the church bake sale this weekend at our Fall Extravaganza. Then last […]