Haunted Trail 2017, Part 1

We had our usual excellent time last night at our annual Haunted Trail with the kids and grandkids and friends.  I managed to get a couple of pictures made before folks got here, since my nighttime pictures don’t turn out well at all.  We ended up the evening in the basement with Evil Elvis serenading us for a little dancing.  And by us I mean including the witch and the warlock.  They are quite a couple.

At the Haunted Campground.

Hotdogs over the fire – one of our favorite traditions. From left this is June’s friend Ian, Clara, Adam and Andrew.

Grandparents Day and the Haunted Trail

Yesterday we kicked our day off bright and early, heading to pick June and Mason up, and getting to Larne Elementary School for Grandparents Breakfast. It is always fun to see where they spend their days, and to talk to their teachers. I thought this picture I snapped of the kids with their Papa turned out so good!

As soon as we got home work commenced on the Haunted Trail, which is coming up Sunday night. Jackson came over to help Jeff, and I headed out to Aldi’s to get supplies for hotdogs and somemores on the campfire, and a few other goodies Jeff needed for his displays. When I got back I took a little nap, and then went out to help him by filling up all the tiki torches that he’d put up all around the trail. As I was making my way around, I came upon several packs of rats he’d dropped off, some including spiders. So glad they are plastic. They were still kind of gross.

Clara’s Big Day

Yesterday morning at church was our Forever Young and Friends Halloween Festival.  So much fun.  During craft time I was helping wash dishes, so I brought my craft home, and Clara made it yesterday afternoon after she finished her homework.  Here she is showing off the scarecrow magnet.

Then last night her team played in the championship game of the rec league soccer season – and won! So exciting. She had quite the fan base there 🙂 From left are Coach Eric, Lee, Mason, Addie, June, Lindee, our star with her medal, Jackson (you can barely see his medal around his neck :-)), Emma, friend Jenny, Jeff, Jenny’s daughter Keira, and Mal.  Way to go, Raptors!


Wednesday Pictures

This afternoon when I picked June and Mason up from school we headed to McDonalds in Belmont, where they have an indoor playground.  It actually turned off pretty this afternoon, but I’d already planned this, so we headed on over.  We couldn’t come to the house, because Jeff already has some things outside for the haunted trail coming up this Sunday.  Anyway, that McDonalds was decorated so cute, including this little vignette right in the dining room.

Tonight was Wednesday night supper at church and BIG for Mason, and Tweens for June. We made pictures to make a book that they’re going to deliver to one of our church’s shut-ins, and one of her caregivers, next week.

Tuesday Pictures

I think I’m just going to have to end up getting a camera for myself, since my pictures just do not turn out at all using my phone.  Just recently I went back and looked at pictures I’d made back when I had a good camera, and it made me sad that the ones I’m taking now are so bad.  That being said, yesterday was a good day.  When I picked Clara up after school we went to her house, and she helped me make taco pies for supper.  She is an especially good batter maker.

Then last night was one of the arts programs at the auditorium. We heard Rozlyn Sorrell sing. She sang sort of nightclub music from the 1940’s & 50’s, which is not songs I am really familiar with, but she had a gorgeous voice.

Great Friday

The Clover kids were out of school today for parent/teacher conferences, and June and Mason came over to spend the morning while Addie went & got her hair done.  My friend Sherry brought her grandson Will over to play, too, and they made cupcakes in a cup for their morning snack 🙂

This evening we headed to the BMX to watch Charlie race, and got to see him score his first victory since moving up to Intermediate Class. So proud.

Wednesday Activities

What a good day we had today.  When June and Mason got here after school, after they’d finished their homework and we’d done some reading, we made Cupcakes in a Cup.  Yum!

Then tonight Lindee and I headed to Charlotte to see the ballet The Red Shoes. It was just beautiful.