Fun Friday

Yesterday, for the first time since before his surgery three months ago, Jeff got out for a ride on his motorcycle.  He was so happy. Then last night Lindee had made us reservations for Restaurant Week at Lumieres in Charlotte. Jeff took this picture of us before we headed off. Food was delicious – company […]

Sunday at Grayson Highlands

Saturday night brought in a thunderstorm, and I do mean a STORM, but it was clear when we got up Sunday morning.  We ate breakfast and got packed up, and had planned to do a little more hiking, but several pairs of hiking shoes had gotten left out in the rain, so too many people […]

Lig’s Programs

We spent most of the day Saturday attending various programs that Lig presented at Grayson Highlands, and they were all great.  First off that morning was a program on moths.  I’m going to tell you, when I first heard that was the subject of the program, I thought, What on earth?  But she did her […]

Setting Up Camp

Just getting home from our annual cousin camping experience with Uncle Zollie and Aunt Renee at Grayson Highlands.  This may be the last year that Lig is working there, since she’s going back to school to get her masters this fall, and this was the last full weekend that she would be working, so even […]

New Craft Supplies

My friend Evelyn gave me a huge bag of craft supplies that she hadn’t used with her grandkids.  This past week, when Mallory, June, and Mason were here – and that’s an unusual combination for me to have – they had the best time going through them and getting them stored.  Here they are hard […]

Loving Cousins

June and Mase – and Mallory and Clara – had such fun with Lynleigh when she was here visiting.  I got this after we spent the day at Charlotte’s pool, before Addie got here to pick up her munchkins.

Family Visiting

This week my niece Tabitha – Greg’s wife – and her mom Pam brought new baby Whitley-Grace up for us to meet, along with WG’s big sister Lynleigh.  We had supper here Tuesday for all who could come to meet her, too, and to visit.  Lindee always loves some good baby time, and immediately got […]

Monday Pix

When I got in the car to head to work this morning, I realized I’d left my phone in the house, and when I got out to come back inside and get it, this spider was on the boardwalk.  And honestly, it turned around when I went past it and started following me.  And then […]