In the mountains

What a great weekend we had, when Addie, June, and I headed to Kirkie’s house in the mountains for the weekend.  It was our first girls’ trip ever with just the three of us, and it was soooo much fun.  We left early Friday morning after dropping Mason at Stephanie’s house to spend the day […]

Summer Library Program

This morning we went to the library for their weekly summer program.  This week it was a production of Alice in Wonderland presented by the Bright Star Theatre.  Here are the kids afterwards with the performers.  Fun show. After the program we spent a little while on the playground, and then headed to pick Mason […]

Salt Painting

Yesterday morning we decided to try a new craft project.  We dyed salt different colors, and then glued it to paper to make pictures.  It was WAY harder than pinterest made it look, that’s for sure.  Still fun – just not the outcome we were hoping for 🙂

Ag & Art Tour

This afternoon after church I went with Lindee, Mallory, & Clara to check out a few sites on the York County Ag & Art Tour.  I had been a couple of years ago with a friend, & had so much fun so was so excited when Lindee invited me to go with her and the […]

Charlie’s First Concert

Yesterday Little Hope took Charlie to spend the day at Carowinds, and to go to the Christian Music Festival in the evening to see her favorite band, Skillet.  Here they are when they got back to our house late last night – Meg picked them up, and brought Char here to spend the night.  Charlie […]

Friday Pix

Yesterday Andrew and Adam were off early in the morning for a weekend Cub Scout campout, and I got this cute picture of them when they dropped Charlie off at the house for the day.  Hope they’re having so much fun! Charlie spent the day at Carowinds with Addie, June, and Mason while I worked, […]


My plan Thursday morning had been for us to go to a bakery in York that I’d never gotten around to checking out, On The Rise, & let the kids all pick them out a midmorning snack before we headed to the library for the kick-off to their summer program.  When we got there all […]

At the Museum

What a good day June, Mason, & I had today when we headed to the Museum of York County, to take in their first Wonderful Wednesday program.  The theme this summer is Home Sweet Home, and it’s about nature in our own backyard.  Today the program was by SC Foresters, and it was so good.  […]