Summer Break Day One

Yesterday was the first day the kids were here since their summer break started – and Mason arrived with an ankle he’d twisted severely on their trampoline the day before :-(.  Luckily we had the ice pack still in the freezer that Jeff had with his hand surgery, so we were able to put it to good use once again.

Late afternoon we had an outdoor scavenger hunt, to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. They really did find about everything :-).

Fourth Grade Awards Ceremony

Yesterday morning Jeff & I headed out bright and early to go back to Larne for June’s program.  This is her class – that’s her on the back row with the bow in her hair – with their awards.  She received the Historian Award, for her love of history, and also later received an award for getting all A’s in Social Studies for the year.  Can you tell what her favorite subject is?

Afterwards with her parents and grandparents. We were all SO proud!

Eventful Thursday

Yesterday we kicked our morning off at Mason’s 1st grade awards program.  Here he is shaking hand with his principal, Mr. Hemingway, after receiving the Super Speller Award for his class.  He also received the Outstanding Art Student Award 🙂

Then after lunch it was off to get Jeff’s cast put on – his hand had been in a splint since his surgery two weeks ago. We didn’t see the incision the day of the surgery, so it was pretty interesting, to say the least. He’s casted now for the next 4 1/2 weeks, though, and it’s been a little bit painful, but not awful.

Clara’s Awards Ceremony

Wednesday morning was Clara’s 3rd grade awards ceremony at school.  She is a busy girl, so got lots of participation awards for the different clubs and activities she participates in, like this one for Girl Talk.  That’s her shaking Mrs. Churm, the principal’s, hand.

Afterwards, with her proud mama. Her grandparents were pretty proud, too.

Mallory’s Awards Night

Tuesday evening we attended the first of four awards ceremonies in as many days for our grandchildren, with Mallory at Clover Middle School.  That’s Mal, second from the end on the right, displaying her Principal Scholars Award, for making all A’s. all year.  Congratulations, Big Girl!

And here she is afterwards, with both of her awards – the other was for having the highest average in social studies in the sixth grade for the entire year. Actually, four of them tied with their 100 averages. Smart kids!

Silent Film Festival

Monday evening Kirkie, Charlotte, Ann Grindle & I went to the library in Fort Mill for a silent film festival.  We saw two films, one Charlie Chaplin and one starring someone like Stubs Howard, that I had never heard of.  They were accompanied by a pianist, just like in the real old movie houses, and this one happened to be the three-time world champion ragtime pianist.  SO good.  I didn’t get a good picture of the movies – no flash, of course, so it didn’t turn out at all, but it just was pretty cool.  Then we went out to eat supper at Fratelli’s, an awesome Italian restaurant just a few blocks away.  Such a fun evening.

Our beautiful seahorse

Yesterday afternoon Jeff and I got to the final performance of The Little Mermaid, put on by the York County Ballet, which includes Mallory.  She was also coral, a lobster, and a wedding guest, but in the finale she wore her seahorse costume, so that’s what we got her pictures in afterwards.  Not a great picture, but here she is signing an autograph 🙂

What a special day

Saturday was just good all day long.  Morning was the actual Festival of Tables event at church, and it was as lovely as always.  This one was called The Amen Table – you can maybe see the letters spelling out AMEN in the décor.  So pretty.

One thing I really loved about the Festival this year was how many of the chairs were also decorated. There have always been a few with covers, but this year it seemed like many more had them included as part of the theme, like these at the Pretty as a Peacock table. I loved it!

Came home to get a few things done around here, then we were off to Hope Riordan’s high school graduation. It was just the sweetest ceremony with all nineteen seniors at the little Lake Pointe Academy she attended. Then we came back here afterwards for the party. Lindee & Mallory make a quick dash over for just a little bit of the party between Mal’s recital performances, which meant a lot. Such a special day.