Fun Friday

We had a good Good Friday yesterday.  Charlie & Adam came to spend the day, and they helped me make hamburger casserole for supper. While we were doing that, Jeff went to start car shopping for me a new vehicle. He found one he liked & brought it home for me to test drive. I […]

Our Day at Chuck E Cheese

With my car being out of commission this week I didn’t think we’d be able to go on any of our usual spring break adventures, but yesterday my friend Sherry worked it out so she could come with her grandsons and pick up June, Mason, and me, and we all headed to Chuck E Cheese.  […]

Spring Break in the Kitchen

Yesterday was the first day the kids had been here during spring break week, and we had a pretty lazy day hanging around the house.  While they were playing outside in the morning I got some fruit cut up, and we spent a while making Easter Bunny fruit trays.  They didn’t turn out as well […]

Palm Sunday

This year no one could find a donkey for us to follow into the sanctuary at church for Palm Sunday, so instead we had a pony :-).  Kimbrell was very excited about it – as was June 🙂

Kicking off spring break

Four of the six grandkids spent the night Saturday night to kick off their upcoming spring break week.  Everyone got bathed and was spic and span and ready for church the next morning, and we had root beer floats for a bedtime snack 🙂

Friday Pix

I spent part of the morning Friday clearing out some of the kitchen cabinets – and I found a favor from Andrew and Jenny’s wedding :-). How special. AND in this picture right behind it is a sippy cup from when the grands were just tiny. Aw… Clara came over & spent a couple of […]

Power out – again!

For the second time in two months, a tree fell across our driveway during the crazy windstorm yesterday and took down our power lines.  This time Jeff was at work and I was here in the house, and couldn’t get out!  Luckily it didn’t take them too long to get here to fix them, but […]

Wednesday Baking

We hadn’t done any baking, I don’t think, since before Christmas, so when June and Mason were here Wednesday we baked and decorated sugar cookies ( had a roll of dough in the refrigerator so it was a pretty easy process 🙂 ).  Sprinkles are fun no matter what season it is.