Adam’s First Racing Night

So proud of Adam last night – he participated in his first official BMX race, and came in second!  I missed both his and Charlie’s first moto, but here he is, in second place, in his second.  Yay, Adam!

He was proud when he came over to see us after the race :-). So was I!

Fun Thursday

Yesterday when I picked Mallory and Clara up after school, we finally had time for them to make their dragon eggs.  All of their cousins had liked making them so much that I wanted to make sure they got a chance, too.  Once again, they were a hit!

Then last night was June’s school chorus program. Here she is afterwards with her proud family, along with the flowers that she’d planted as a member of the Environmental Club 🙂

Cooper and Rachel’s Wedding

Everyone got much better pictures than I did from our beautiful day yesterday, but here are a couple just to remember the day by.  The venue where they had the wedding was absolutely gorgeous, in the NC mountains.  Originally planned to be in a meadow out on the side of one of those mountains, the rain drove us inside, but it was still just beautiful.  I wish this picture of this grapevine arch, with the top covered in wildflowers, had turned out.  Just lovely.

The groom dancing with his mom. It was an emotional day 🙂

Rehearsal Dinner

Friday night we headed up to Mount Airy to check in the motel, and be at Cooper and Rachel’s rehearsal dinner that evening.  Elise went as my date, since Jeff stayed home to be here when the plumber came to replace our leaking hot water heater.  He rode up with Addie & the kids Saturday morning.  The rehearsal dinner was held at the same venue where the wedding was, and just could not have been nicer.  It was fun meeting and visiting with Cooper & Rach’s friends who were going to be in the wedding, and the emotions were already rising to the surface.  Especially when Zollie showed me this compass Rachel gave him.  Priceless.

Come Saturday, when Rachel joined the mix, this was our current conglomerate of Smith girls except for Diane, who stayed home with a sick Daniel: Olivia, Liz, Rachel the bride, Lesley, & Elise.

Clara’s Science Club

Thursday when I picked Clara up from school she’d been at a Science Club meeting.  They each were supposed to bring in a way to protect an egg from breaking when the teacher climbed a ladder and dropped it on the floor.  Clara put hers in the middle of a roll of toilet paper – and it worked 🙂

Wednesday Pix

Fun day yesterday, despite the fact that it rained all day long.  When June & Mason got here after school we had fruit for snack, and then Mason read – no homework for June because testing is starting this week – and then made dragon eggs.  We really liked how they turned out.

That evening at BIG we took the kids to visit some of the shut-ins. It was such a sweet experience, and June and Mason both just raved about doing it while I was taking them home afterwards. Here they are singing to Mrs. Ruth Wallace – June’s in the green jacket, and Mason in the orange shirt.  Just such a sweet experience.

Easter Sunday

Beautiful Easter Sunday today – the holiest day of the year!  We had our usual photo shoot before lunch of everyone in their Easter finery, including this one of Addie, Lee, June, and Mason.

And Jeff and me. We went to sunrise service because I knew I’d have to keep the nursery for both services later that morning, so while I was doing nursery and Sunday school, he came home and changed out of his dress clothes. The kids were giving him a hard time about this t-shirt he was wearing 🙂

Church Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday morning was our Easter egg hunt at Clover FUMC, and it was great fun.  The 1 – 3 graders hunted on the playground.  Here is Clara, on the left, and her buddy Rylan going to town 🙂

Instead of an Easter Bunny, which we sometimes have had, this year there was a tomb for the kids to have their pictures made with. Here are our girls 🙂