Tuesday Pix

We had a good day yesterday when June and Mason got here after school.  They helped me get some apricot chicken in the over for supper.  Here is Mase taking a turn grating the orange rind. Then last night Lindee & I headed to Charlotte to take in a play in the Broadway Lights Series, […]

At the Library

Last night I took June, Clara, and Mason to the library in Clover for a Valentine event.  They played games, ate goodies, listened to a couple of books, and made valentines.  Here they are showing off their finished projects. Obviously Mason and his family had just been to see the new Lego Batman movie :-).  Fun […]

June’s Injury

Sunday morning during early service, while I was in the nursery, June and Mason went out to the playground, as they usually do when the weather is nice.  While they were having their jumping out of the swings contest this time, though, June fell and hurt her wrist.  It is so nice to have a […]

Adam’s Basketball Game

I haven’t been able to see many of Adam’s ballgames this year – most Friday nights I stay with Momma until she goes to bed – but she’s improved so much now that I am not having to do that.  So Friday evening Jeff & I headed to Rock Hill for the game.  Here is […]

Gran’s Amaryllis

While Gran was in the hospital, and then rehab, she received a box in the mail.  It ended up sitting on her dining room table for weeks – probably at least a month – before she got home even to open it.  It was a flower from cousin Carolyn, and we weren’t sure it would […]

Shaving Cream Play

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before – our grandkids all certainly loved it when they were little.  When Kimbrell was here Tuesday I squirted some shaving cream in the sink for her, and she just rubbed and played and squished to her heart’s content 🙂

Animal Kingdom

We spent the final day of our Disney World vacation at Animal Kingdom, and it was another great day.  Here are Adam and Elise with the ram carved into the roots of the giant tree that is the centerpiece of the park.  Since both of their dads are such big Tarheel fans, this seemed like […]