Arrow of Light Ceremony and Blue & Gold Banquet

Such a good evening last night.  Jeff & I went to Rock Hill to see Charlie and Adam receive their scouting awards:  first Adam at the Blue and Gold Banquet.  Here is his Den Leader Andrew passing out awards.  Adam is the one not wearing a hat.

After we finished eating, and the cub scouts finished getting their awards, we moved on to the sanctuary, where Charlie and three other Webeloes moved up, in the Arrow of Light ceremony, to become full fledged Boy Scouts. It really was a very moving ceremony.  At the end all the scouts in the troop they’re moving up to walked by and shook their hands.  Such a special time.

Charlie’s 11th birthday party

What a fun afternoon we had today.  We went to Rock Hill to take in Charlie’s last church league basketball game of the season, and then headed straight to the BMX track for his 11th birthday party.  It was such fun watching the kids, especially the ones who don’t ride, see what it is that Char loves so much about it.  Here is the birthday boy and his buddies getting ready for a session.

Pizza and cupcakes followed. A perfect celebration of our big guy 🙂

Friday Night Basketball

Last night we headed to Rock Hill to watch Adam play basketball.  His season is almost over – his last game is next week – but he has come a long way this season.  Here he is bringing the ball down the court – our little point guard!

First Dance Class

Normally I don’t keep Kimbrell on Thursdays, but this week Denise, her other babysitter, was sick, so I did – and got to take her to her first Mommy and Me dance class :-).  I told Alex she stood dead still for about the first dance and a half, and then she was all over everything they did – the parachute, the obstacle course, marching, the freeze dance.  So cute.  She was also a HUGE fan of all the huge mirrors everywhere.  I snapped this right before I told her it was time for us to leave – and she was sooooo sad.  What a fun morning!

Kimbrell’s Birthday Party

Wednesday evening we went to church for supper like we usually do, but afterwards instead of staying for BIG with the kids, we headed to Kimbrell’s house for cake and ice cream to celebrate her second birthday.  It was a Sesame Street party, and was so cute.  Not as cute as she was, of course.  Good times 🙂

Commedia Troupe

Tuesday night the auditorium program was one for children:  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs put on by the Commedia Troupe of the Charlotte Children’s Theater.  For these kids programs I end up with lots of extra tickets from the people at church who don’t want to go, so I invited others I thought might enjoy it.  Most of the kids were in the row in front of us, but here are Meg’s stepdaughter Angela, Angela’s grandson Braeden, Meg, and Sarah Robinson, who came with her sister and mom to bring their kids.  It is seriously one of the silliest things in the world, but it’s fun watching the kids laugh and have so much fun 🙂

Saturday morning pix

When I was cleaning up last week I found a mug that Andrew won in a race when he was in high school – I think it was the first thing he won at a non-school event.  And it was full of his old stuff – cross country pins and bars, his little counter thing from the summers he umpired little kids baseball, that sort of thing.  Charlie and Adam must’ve looked through it a dozen times, and then they took it home with them so their dad could tell them exactly what all the goodies were.  Special time.

We met Andrew at Charlie’s game out at Mount Holly UMC. At their baseball fields across the road, they had this sign made out of solo cups in the fence: I Will Begin My Day With God. I loved that!

Adam’s basketball game

Friday night we went to watch Adam play basketball.  Both teams had black T-shirts, so Woodland wore the vests.  That’s a blurry Adam bringing the ball down the court.

Here’s our big guy after the game, when he scored his first point of the season – he made a foul shot. Good job, Adam!

Kimbrell watching TV

This week when I went to pick up a sick Mallory to spend the day, I had Kimbrell with me.  When I got there Lindee & Mal were watching “Miracles from Heaven.”  Kimbrell was her usually chatty self, so much so that Lindee told Mal they would just have to watch the movie sometime when Kimbrell wasn’t there to entertain them.  But when the scenes of heaven came on the screen, Kimbrell came to a dead stop and stared at the TV until they went back to the rest of the movie, then she was back to running around and jabbering.  It was so interesting.