Storm Trooper Parade

Wednesday we – Jeff, Adam, Elise, & I – spent the day at Hollywood Studios.  A lot of it is dedicated to Star Wars, or maybe it just seemed that way to me, because that’s mostly what Adam wanted to see.  Monday when he was sick his dad had posted a video of the storm trooper parade, and Adam talked about seeing it all day until we finally got there at the right time.  Before the show/parade even started, the storm troopers came out to sort of harass people in the crowd.  Of course I’d already put my phone away when they came up to Adam, but it was great 🙂

The guy who was working there told us exactly where to stand to have the best view of both the parade and the show, and sure enough, we were pretty much front and center. We were so close I could barely get Adam in the picture, taking a picture of the storm troopers. Such fun.

Magic Kingdom

Tuesday Adam was feeling good enough to head to Magic Kingdom.  I was so glad, because that was the one day that all fourteen of us had planned on going to the same park for the day.  We didn’t all stay together all day, but met up at different times throughout the day in different combinations, which was great fun.  We kicked off the day in Tomorrowland – here are Jeff and Adam on the People Mover.

Later in the day we rode some rides with Lindee, Mallory, and Clara. Luckily the three kids were there to ride together, because the tea cups pretty much do every adult in :-). Such a fun day.

Down Day

Sunday afternoon of our vacation, when we got back to the room from Disney Springs, Adam started running a fever.  Luckily his mom & dad arrived not long after that, which made him feel better, I know.  The next morning Jeff & I stayed home with him, since we had an extra free day planned in our week, and I took him to urgent care, where he got a diagnosis of strep throat :-(.  Antibiotics started immediately, and for a little while, when the ibuprofen had kicked in on his fever, he felt good enough to check out the arcade there at the resort.  He wasn’t successful in the ball grab, but still it was a little bit of fun thrown in his day.

Disney Character Breakfast

Our first day at Disney World, last Sunday, we didn’t go to any parks, but instead headed out for our character breakfast.  Jeff had decided not to go, but Addie, Lee, June, Mason, Adam, Elise, and I headed over to the Grand Floridian, where Lindee and the girls went last year, and she told us it was one of their favorites ever.  We got there early enough to spend some time looking around the resort and the grounds there, and it was just absolutely beautiful.  We loved the Alice in Wonderland water play area 🙂

Possibly the highlight of the entire trip for Elise was meeting Winnie the Pooh – she’s been such a fan her entire life. And Pooh was amazing – he danced with Elise, and gave her a kiss, and had her give him one. Just so priceless.

Tigger was there, too – he’s Mason’s favorite. Here he is signing Adam’s autograph book. It was so cute – around his name in the autograph book he drew little springs, and spent some time having the kids bounce with him. Just such an awesome way to kick off our week.

On the Way to Florida

Just got back from spending a fun, fun week in Florida with the family at Disney World.  Jeff, Adam, & I drove down together last Saturday.  We stopped at the Florida Welcome Center to have a picnic hotdog lunch – beautiful weather to eat outside, and a great way to kick off our week.


Despite the predictions that we were going to get six inches of snow last weekend, we only got maybe an inch.  I couldn’t believe it when I got to Mallory & Clara’s house after I picked them up from school that afternoon to see that, even though they only live maybe 15 miles from us, they’d gotten enough to actually build a snowman!