Smith Family Christmas, Part 2

Sherri got all of the men these scalp massagers.  They were a huge hit with everyone – I think Jeff’s feels pretty good, actually.  Here is Adam being silly with one. During the talent sharing portion of the afternoon, Clara brought in her soccer ball to show off some of her skills. She did a […]

Smith Family Christmas, Part 1

Yesterday we celebrated our extended family Christmas. As always, it was just a great, great day. We were missing four of our group – Jenny, who had to work; Lesley and Liz, who are both on the west coast; and Jade. One tradition of our day is taking various group pictures with Granny. Different families, […]

Checkerboard Cake

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, when four of the six grand ones were here, we tried our hand at making a checkerboard cake.  We had no reason to believe it would turn out at all – before we put icing on it, we christened it The Dr. Seuss Cake.  It was crazy looking.  But after caulking […]

Last Wednesday Pix

It’s been over a week since I downloaded any pictures, so am trying to do a little catching up here on my day off.  Last week for Jeff’s birthday I got all the fixings and we had banana splits to celebrate, so when the kids got here after school the next day, we had those […]