Church Halloween Festival

What a fun evening we had Saturday at church, and our Light Up the Night festival.  Usually all six of our grandchildren are there, but this year Charlie and Adam – as well as several of the children from our church – were with the cub scouts at the Gold Rush campout.  Here are Mallory and Clara.  Mal’s costume for Halloween is to be a ghost, but she was heading straight from the festival to a party, so she just became a Duke cheerleader for the evening.  And Clara is the Mad Hatter, but she couldn’t smile, because then her painted lips wouldn’t be together 🙂img_20161029_161929

Definitely a highlight of the event for my kids was the horseback rides. Here is June taking a turn around the church yard on Piper 🙂img_20161029_164820

Clara’s Final Soccer Game

Just now getting pictures downloaded from the last few days.  Thursday night was Clara’s last playoff game of the season.  They played the number one team, & got beat pretty badly, but the good thing about it was that Clara got to play goalie for the second half, which she likes, but doesn’t usually get to do.  And after the game they each got medals from their coach – in Clara’s case, her dad 🙂img_20161027_200934

Afterwards – her only post game picture in a goalie shirt 🙂img_20161027_201044

Wednesday Pictures

Yesterday morning was Goodies for Grandparents at Larne Elementary School, where June and Mason go.  Luckily enough, it was Jeff’s day to go in late, so he got to go and visit, too.img_20161026_072237

Then last night Lindee & I had tickets to one of our Broadway Lights shows, First Date. It was at the Booth Playhouse – we’d never seen a show there before, and it was small and just so much fun. The show was just absolutely great. Here is Lindee at the photo area ahead of time. Great evening.img_20161026_191905


Last night Leesy and Adam met Hope Riordan and me at Narroway for the dinner theater show, The Gospel According to Tennessee.  It was both Elise and Adam’s first time going, and they LOVED it.  In fact, they both want to check into becoming cast members.  Hope and I thought it was great, too.  Her good friend Grace was in the play, so that was fun watching her.  There are always live animals in the performance, which were a HUGE hit with Adam.  Here he is afterwards, with one of the little boys in the play, hanging out with the hound dog that was in the show.img_20161021_215902

Making cards

Last night at BIG the kids made cards for our shut-ins.  They did a good job, and since glitter was involved for the ones who wanted to use it, they had great fun.  Here is our table of little wild childs, busy at work.img_20161019_185305