At the Track

Another great evening at the BMX track, where we watched Charlie get first place in his race.  He placed first in the first qualifying heat – I know that’s not what they called it, but it was something like a heat – and then won first in the main.  We were proud.  Here he is […]

Hanging with Little Hope

Since school has started back – along with dance and soccer – we don’t have just a ton of time that Hope can come play with the girls, but everyone was free Thursday evening, so she came over, and she, Mal, & Clara had a good afternoon together.  So did Meg and I 🙂

Teddy Bear Race Cars

We are finally getting back into some sort of regular schedule here on school days, so yesterday after snack, outside playing, and homework, we did have time to get a little crafting/special snacking in.  I think maybe it was Gran who shared this picture with me about the teddy graham racers, so Kimbrell & I […]

Birthday Outing

Yesterday we headed out after church to celebrate Sherry and Charlotte’s 65th birthdays – the birthday girls, Evelyn, Pam, Becky, and me.  We went to see the movie “Sully” and then to Outback for a yummy late lunch/early supper.  Some of us virtually never go out to the movies, so we were very fired up […]

Charlotte’s birthday concert

This entire week we have been celebrating my friends Charlotte and Sherry’s 65th birthdays – Sherry’s is the 4th and Charlotte’s is the 12th.  We tried to do something little for them every day, and it was fun.  Yesterday Charlotte’s husband Bob and our choir director at church, Cheri, put on a concert to celebrate […]

Charlie at the BMX track

Charlie has been BMX-ing for probably a year now, and for the first time last night Jeff & I got over to the track to watch him. I had heard such great things about the track – the largest one in the US, I think I’d heard – and sure enough, it was VERY impressive. […]

Girls Day

Wednesday when I picked June up from school, Mason was going home with Sherry and Will, so it was just us girls.  We celebrated by going to Eagles Nest for some ice cream before heading home.  Yum!