Childcare at Church

Last night I helped with childcare at church for the marriage enrichment event.  Sometimes we don’t have any kids at all, but last night we had a record breaking eleven.  Of course my grandkids made up four of those eleven :-).  We played outside on the playground for almost two hours, and when we were […]

The Red Badge of Courage

Yesterday I took off work at lunchtime, and Boo and Leesy came by and picked me up.  We picked up Clara at Bethany Elementary, and then Mallory at Clover Middle, and then hit the road for King, to be there for opening night of Zollie and Cooper’s stage debut – in the Stokes Art Council’s […]

Brandon and Georgie

Thursday afternoon the Forever Young group at church hosted a wedding shower for our associate pastor, Brandon, and his fiancée Georgie.  The food was delicious, and the decorations so sweet. The happy couple was pretty much glowing. Sweet.

Making Sweater Vests

This was a big hit yesterday when June and Mason got here after school.  We did homework, played outside, and then came in to make sweater vests and hats (and arm bands 🙂 ) out of old socks for the stuffed animals.  It took no time, and they thought it was VERY cool.  Trying to […]

Grocery Shopping with Kimbrell

Didn’t get many pictures made Tuesday, but did snap this one of Kimbrell as we were heading back to the car after running by BI-LO.  One of the workers there had given her the first sucker she ever had.  She is not a huge fan of sweets, so I pretty much couldn’t get a picture […]

Promotion Sunday

Yesterday was Promotion Sunday at church.  Mason moved up – after asking to do so for at least a year, it seems like – from the pre-k/kindergarten class to the younger elementary.  I’d been teaching those little kids for many years, but he asked me to move up with him, and so of course I […]

Cookout at Andrew & Jenny’s

What a fun night last night was.  Jeff is away at a music festival with his buddy Maxie, and Andrew & Jenny invited me over to cook out with them.  Andrew’s lifelong friend Michael Sexton was there with his sweet family, too, and it was great seeing them.  As soon as I got there Charlie […]

Play Date

Between dance and soccer, Mallory and Clara are going to be pretty busy this fall.  We did manage to get a little while yesterday that Hope could come over after school and play, and make a few pictures.  They are such good buddies.

Doing some cooking

The kids are back in school, so we are getting back into our regular school year schedule, which includes them helping me fix supper some afternoons while they’re here.  When June and Mason were here Wednesday, we got some garlic biscuits made to go with the Brunswick stew leftovers we were going to have.  Here […]