Playing with Brenna

When we were swimming at Charlotte’s this week, June and Brenna had so much fun together that today June & I headed back over there for the girls to have another play date together.  And sure enough, they had so much fun they were NOT ready for their time together to be over. 🙂

Narroway Theater

Last night Clara, Meg, & I headed to Narroway Dinner Theater to take in their production of “Samson.”  At intermission we got one of the drinks developed especially for this play, First Kiss Frappe – First Kiss was the name of a beautiful song in the play.  It was delicious – and so pretty!  We […]


The kids were SO excited that Kimbrell was coming over to spend the afternoon yesterday – they had barely seen her all summer long.  They worked hard and created a coronation ceremony/space for Princess Kimbrell of Hawaii to celebrate.  She played her part well :-).  What a fun afternoon.

Water Play Wednesday :-)

The heat around here has been pretty unbearable lately, so getting in the water is about the only way I can stand to be outside.  I figure the kids might feel that way, too, because they sure do love being in it these days.  Adam and Mason had fun with the hose yesterday. That afternoon […]

Narroway Theater

Yesterday morning June, Clara, Mason, & I headed up to Narroway, the Christian Theater in Fort Mill, to see the children’s production of The Little Red Hen.  It was just cute as could be.  Here are June and Clara, who got called up on stage to be two of the little chicks.  SO cute. Afterwards […]

Our Busy Saturday

What a fun, busy day Adam & I had yesterday.  He came and spent the night Friday night.  It was just the two of us because Jeff was off to Tennessee to his college tennis team’s annual reunion.  We are hotdogs and watched America’s Got Talent – Adam is definitely a fan – and then […]

Thursday Pix

Thursday morning we did a little cooking – something we haven’t done in a while, since we’ve been so busy getting kids to camps & spending time on activities in those areas.  The kids were ready to get back to making cookies.  We just made cow pile cookies, and I got soy butter to use, […]

Back at the Nature Preserve

Wednesday we took Mallory back to day camp at Latta Plantation, but this day Clara stayed with Emmy.  June, Mason, & I went on the plantation house tour and then did a little hiking.  As we were waiting for our tour guide to arrive outside the house, Mason found his first of many frogs for […]