9/11 Never Forget Mobile Exhibit

This morning Meg and I headed to Gastonia to visit a traveling exhibit commemorating the 9/11 heroes. A friend had mentioned it to Meg at Sunday school yesterday, and I am so glad – it was so moving. We were in the first tour group to go through, and it was pretty packed when we […]

Saturday evening pix

It’s been a busy day. I worked all day – maybe the second Saturday I’ve worked in the almost 30 years I’ve been at Baird Engineering, but I had lots going on this week with the grandbabes and Kimbrell, so this was the schedule that worked best this week. When I got off work I […]

Rosewood Elementary Field Day

Another field day today, this time with Charlie and Adam at their school in Rock Hill.  Beautiful weather again – and Kimbrell went with me, and absolutely loved it!  Like Mallory and Clara did yesterday, the younger classes had their events in the morning.  I LOVED Adam in the sack race, using the old school […]

After Field Day Pix

I walked into Clara’s classroom with her after field day was over, to get her bookbag, and got to see her art work that was hanging in the hallway outside the door. So cute. AND we stopped in front of the school to get a picture of the girls on the Bethany Rock.  It was […]

Bethany Field Day, Part I

Fun, fun day today, when I headed out to Bethany to see Mallory and Clara participate in their annual field day – Mallory’s last one as an elementary school student! The younger kids had their activities in the morning, which included an egg relay. I didn’t even know kids still loved an egg relay 🙂 […]

Clara’s Last U8 Soccer Game

Tonight was Clara’s last soccer game of the season. She played good – they all did, really – but lost in the playoffs. Here is Clara hard at it. June & Mason spent a large part of the afternoon when they were here after school making a poster to bring to the game to cheer […]

Talent Show and Baseball

Busy, fun day today. It started off with the Volunteer Breakfast at Bethany Elementary, where Mallory and Clara go, and right after that was the fifth grade talent show. Here are Mallory – in the mint green tank top, behind the little short girl in the blue shirt – and most of the kids from […]

Charlie’s first playoff game

Even though Jeff had just been in a motorcycle wreck the day before, and had spent most of the day yesterday either on the phone with insurance companies or at the doctor’s office, he still said he didn’t want to miss Charlie’s ballgame. Here are the injured and the player after the game 🙂

Festival of Tables

What a fun time we had today at our Festival of Tables. The food was delicious, and all of the tables were absolutely gorgeous. This was another of my favorites – the Lemonade Table. I went by & picked up Bennie on the way, and we had a good time visiting throughout the time we […]