Fifth Grade Trip to Capers Island

What an amazing day we had yesterday when I got to go with Mal’s 5th grade class to Capers Island, near the Isle of Palms, on their field trip. We had to have Mallory at the school at 5:15 am, so it was definitely an early morning. Most of what made it so, so good […]

Pinewood Derby

Charlie and Adam both made it from their pack to the District Pinewood Derby competition, and conveniently enough, that was held at River Hills Church, about ten minutes from our house. So I headed over there to spend a couple of hours watching the guys in action. Here is Char when I first walked in. […]

Linville Caverns and Linville Falls

Another fun spring break adventure today, when I took Charlie and Adam to visit Linville Caverns. They had never been in a cave before, so they really loved it. I wish the pictures had turned out better, but the lighting wasn’t that bright on the tour, so you can’t really see the formations that good […]

Thursday Pix

What a good day I had today. I spent the morning with Momma and Sherri – she’d been visiting in Rock Hill for a couple of days, and I hadn’t had time yet to get over to see her – and then Charlotte and I took lunch to Kirkie and Dick’s house, to celebrate Kirkie’s […]


What a fun day we had today. It was Rock Hill’s spring break, so Charlie and Adam were here for the day. They helped me fix a cake for my friend Kirkie’s birthday lunch tomorrow – that’s how we spent the morning – then after lunch & naps all around we headed into town to […]

Cooking Again

Not sure why this picture is so small. I’ll be so glad when I finally understand something about technology. Anyway, yesterday when June and Mason were here after school I realized we hadn’t done any cooking in a while, so they helped me make some pickle dillies. I love when June can help with the […]

Our Azaleas

Fun day today. Momma called this morning to let me know that Andy & Amy were going to be in town for a few hours, while they were in Winston this weekend for a wedding, so I headed over that way to visit with them. We had a great visit, and even got Momma out […]

Charlie’s First Kid Pitch Game

In years gone by, Charlie has always played baseball in the league at Catawba Baptist Church. This year, though, for the first time he is playing rec league ball with the city, and kid pitch at that. They didn’t win their first game, but Charlie played one inning in right field and one in left, […]