Mallory’s Surprise 11th birthday party

My pictures didn’t turn out just great from Mal’s party this evening – my batteries were getting low so I couldn’t use the flash – but did get this sweet one of her with her dad, as she was going around the room when she first walked in, thanking everyone for being there. That’s their […]

Dan Nicholas Park

What a fun day we had today. Clover schools are on spring break this week, so I took the four Clover grandkids, along with my friend Sherry and her grandson Will, to Dan Nicholas Park in Salisbury, NC. I’d been there a couple of times YEARS ago, and it was even more fun that I […]

Easter 2016

Easter is such a precious day, and is made even more so for us by getting to spend it with these guys. We had our traditional family photo shoot as soon as everyone got to our house after church, before everyone changed into their play clothes. Here are Jeff’s brother Dennis, sister-in-law Cinnamon, and nephew […]

At the Easter Egg Hunt

This morning was our Easter egg hunt at church. Truly this is the only decent picture I got of the entire event – the loving cousins :-). It was a good time, though, and such a good turnout. Several families from the community were there, which is always exciting.

Mason Crafting

Wednesday afternoon Kimbrell & I picked just Mason up from school – June was on a field trip that day with her class, to the state house and state museum in Columbia. So Mase had a chance to do some crafting – we made paper doll chains, except with Easter themes – Easter bunnies, baskets, […]

Tuesday Pix

Today when I picked Mallory and Clara up from school, we went by Joe and Sandy’s to see the lambs. They were so cute! They were too skittish to let us pet them, unless we happened to reach down just as they were scampering by, but the mama was fine with us petting her. So […]

Flowering the Cross

Tonight a few of us went to church to start making preparations for the Easter Egg hunt next Saturday. Meg had asked if I would bring Mallory and June and Clara and Mason to help flower the cross. I did a poor job of communicating with their mothers, though, and Clara still is not feeling […]

At Fatz

Yesterday morning was the Rosewood Elementary, Charlie & Adam’s school, pancake breakfast fundraiser at Fatz restaurant in Rock Hill. June had spent the night with us the night before after we went to the play at Narroway, so she headed over with us, and we met Addie, Lee, & Mase there. They looked so cute […]

Lord of Light

Last night June and I, along with Meg and Hope, headed to Fort Mill to Narroway Theater, to see their Easter play, The Lord of Light. It was very well done, but not exactly what I was expecting – lots of scenes of Hell. It did say in the literature that it was the story […]