Adam’s game

Friday night Charlie & Adam’s games were at the same time, and Jenny had to work, so we met Andrew and the boys for supper, and then Jeff & I took Adam to his game. Here he is – the one little tie-dyed shirt in a sea of orange 🙂

Kimbrell’s First Birthday Party

Tomorrow little Kimbrell turns one, but her party was yesterday. Not surprisingly, Alex had everything done up SO cute. The theme was Winter ONE=derland, and Denise, the lady who babysits her the days when I do not, made the cake. So, so cute.

Opening her presents at the end of the party with her mom.  It was such a cute event for our little cutie…IMG_20160220_174606

Auditorium Program

Tonight Addie, June, and Mason, and our friends the Gilreaths, joined my buddy Evelyn & me for the Family Program at the auditorium here in town – Timmy and Susana Abell. It really was good – we all enjoyed it. Here are the five kids all hanging out together before the program started:  Landon, Mason, Ragan, Estelle, and June.  Luckily the picture Addie took turned out better than mine did 🙂


Wednesday Pix

We had a good day yesterday. I spent the morning with Momma at the pulmonologists, where she got as good a report as she was hoping, which meant that I had switched days keeping Kimbrell. SO, when June and Mason got here after school we had snack and visited, and then made banana bread with Sherri’s recipe out of one of their old church cookbooks she had given me. Here is June getting busy mashing up the bananas.


Then that night I headed to Rock Hill High to see Elise perform in the final play as a high school student.  Of course you couldn’t use flash photography during the play, so this was as good an action shot as I could get.  And Elise is right in the middle in the wheelchair – she broke her foot a couple of weeks ago, but carried on like a real trooper.  The play is the competition place they are performing in Spartanburg this weekend, and they did a great job:  “Homework Eats Dog.”  It was hilarious.  Just a good, good day.


Donny McKinney’s visit

Sunday evening we went over to have supper with Meg, Mike, and Hope – yummy pot roast.  Her brother Donny was coming for an overnight visit with them on his way back home to Murfreesboro from visiting his son Matt and family in Durham.  He didn’t get there until after we’d already eaten, but we had fun looking through old pictures from their mom’s house until we had to head home.  Good times.


Tuesday Pix

Tuesday was another good day. Mallory and Clara came over after school, and Mal got a chance to work some on her lightbulb creature. She’s running a little behind the others, but seemed to enjoy it as much as they all did :-).

Then that evening was the Cupid Celebration at our library in town.  June and Clara have been going to these activities for years, and Mason has been wanting to join them for almost that long.  FINALLY he is six years old, and old enough to be one of the gang.  Here they are making origami hearts.  It was a good day.