Making paper straw snowflakes

Wednesday when June and Mason were here we made snowflakes out of paper straws. Sherri had sent me the instructions for making them way back before Christmas last year, and we just now got them done. Promptness is not my strong suite. AND I didn’t realize until I looked back at pictures on here that […]

Charlie’s First Basketball Game

Last Friday night was Charlie and Adam’s first church league basketball game of the season. I still need to work on getting the pictures rotated, but this is Charlie during one of his games – we didn’t realize it until his first game was over, but his team played two games in a row. That’s […]

June & the recipe book

First of all, I have got to download the manual for the new camera that Addie and Lee got me so I can figure out how to rotate pictures when I download them. This is from last week, actually – still learning how to get pictures downloaded. June was so proud when we realized that […]

Meeting Becky’s Grandbabies

Monday I took off work a little bit early and went to meet my friend Becky’s twin grandsons. They just turned three months old, and this was the first time I’d even seen them – except in pictures! Here is little Colton, the smaller of the two. They are absolutely precious!

New Camera!

Addie and Lee and family got me a new camera for Christmas.  I am so excited, especially since my old one was held together by masking tape, and had to be turned on with a car key or the arm of my glasses.  Here is the first picture I made when I was figuring out […]

Family Christmas

Boo & I made good time getting home Saturday night, & Sunday all of the kids and grandkids came for lunch and to celebrate our family Christmas. They brought big pots of soup & all the fixings, & I made a cake for dessert. It was a great afternoon. Here is the kids’ table – […]

Mrs. McKinney’s funeral was a beautiful service. Two other ladies who both practically helped raise all of us in the church spoke, and it was sweet and very meaningful. The ladies of the church fixed a wonderful lunch for us afterwards, and we got a quick picture of the five of us with Donny and […]

At the cemetery

This past weekend Boo & I made a whirlwind trip to Tennessee for the funeral services of Mrs. McKinney, Meg’s mom, Boo’s godmother, and sort of a second mother to me for many decades.  We left midmorning Friday & made a couple of stops on our way out of town – to feed Meg’s cat, […]