Fun Friday evening

What a good day we had yesterday. I worked all day, which wasn’t that great, but left early to get to Elise’s All-Region choir concert in Rock Hill. It originally was supposed to be in Gaffney last week, and I didn’t think there was any way we could go, but then it was cancelled due […]

Snowflakes, Day 2

Tuesday when Mallory and Clara were here they got a chance to make straw snowflakes like June and Mason had done earlier. They didn’t stay as late, so they didn’t finish theirs up – that’s on the agenda for this week…

Making Granola

Four of the six grands came over to spend the day Monday, when they were out of school for MLK Day. Around the middle of the morning, though, we took Mal over to spend the day with her buddy Lacy Emma, & the other three came back to hang out here. Among other things, we […]

First Snow of the Year

I’m just now getting pictures downloaded from this entire week, so these from last Sunday – when it snowed here for the first time this season – are a little anticlimactic after what we’ve got coming down now.  You can barely see the snow even falling on June & Mason standing outside the church during […]

Church League Basketball

Tonight was week #2 of Charlie and Adam’s church league basketball season. When we got to Woodland Charlie was helping the little guys warm up.  Here are the two brothers in action. After Adam’s game we headed to Mt Holly UMC to see Charlie’s team play.  Here are our ball players with their mom as […]