Elise’s Christmas Concert

It just dawned on me that I didn’t post any pictures from Leesy’s final Christmas concert with Rock Hill High that Jeff & I went to last Thursday night.  It was beautiful and sweet and so much fun.  The first half was beautiful classical music, where they wore their long dresses and tuxes, and they […]

Mallory & Clara’s Church program

Last Sunday night was Mallory and Clara’s Christmas pageant at the Clover ARP church.  SO cute.  We got there too late to get great seats, and my camera batteries died after I took exactly one picture, but here is that one.  Mal & Clara were both angels.  Mallory is on the left side of the stable in back, […]


What a great time Meg and I had Wednesday night when we went over to the Narroway Theater in Fort Mill, to see their production, “The Real Story of Christmas.” I had heard of the theater, but had never been to any of their plays, and it was amazing. We chose not to eat the […]

Bethany’s Christmas Program

Tuesday night was Bethany Elementary’s Christmas program, so I went out for that.  Unfortunately Larne Elementary’s was at the very same time, so Jeff went to that, and I had to miss June singing with her third grade chorus.  He said they did a great job, though, as did the kids at Bethany.  First to perform […]

Hornets Game

What a great time we had Monday night, when Jeff & I went to watch the Charlotte Hornets, in a huge victory over the Detroit Pistons, courtesy of the tickets the kids got Jeff for his birthday last month. The tickets were absolutely spectacular – we’d never been so close to the floor. We were […]

Clover FUMC Christmas Pageant

What a good night Sunday was, when we attended our first Christmas pageant of the season – June and Mason at our church.  This is dress rehearsal, which is why Jackie is up on the stage gathering garland, and the kids are singing a few secular songs, before they go change into their costumes for […]

Thursday Morning at Church

This picture is actually a good bit darker than it looked on my phone. Anyway, this year for our Advent service to the church, Meg and I are changing out the greenery in the windows every week. She came over to the house Thursday morning & we went out picking creeping cedar, and then headed […]