After Christmas Baking

Another good day yesterday. We had planned on all six of the grandbabes being here for the day, but June woke up running a fever, so she and Mason went to stay with their other grandmother so she wouldn’t be contaminating all her cousins. It’s still Christmas week for us – we’ll all be partying […]

Family Gathering

What a special day we had today. Lesley got home for Christmas vacation at midnight Christmas Eve; Liz was through York County for a few hours this afternoon with Andy & Amy, as they were on their way driving to spend a few days with Nathan and Diane. So today we all met for lunch […]

Clara’s new fish

Clara got a new fish tank from Santa, along with a note saying that she could go to Pet Smart and pick out a beta fish.  Yesterday Lindee & I did a little bit of day-after-Christmas shopping while Mallory & Clara hung out at Gran’s, & then took her to pick out her fish on our […]


Our Christmas celebration actually started out with the midnight Christmas Eve service at our church, when Meg and Mike joined our church.  I’m not sure we’d ever had anyone join the church during that service before, and it was very cool.  Here they are afterwards with our Pastor Tommy. Christmas Day we made the rounds to visit […]

Christmas Eve

We had a beautiful evening last night. Jeff & I went to Rock Hill to Woodlands UMC’s 5:00 pm Christmas Eve service. That was when Charlie and Adam were participating in their Christmas pageant – Charlie as one of the narrators, and Adam as the inn keeper. We were sitting pretty far back, so couldn’t […]

Christmas Week – Monday

Finally got our tree put up this week. We won’t be celebrating with our kids & grandkids until the Saturday after New Years, so we didn’t want to get it too early. Charlie & Adam were here Monday, so they went with us to cut one down. Penlands, where we always get our trees, was […]

Sunday’s Children’s Moments

On Sunday mornings during Advent, I have been helping out when Rev. Dick Gibson presents the children’s moments during church. My role is strictly in crowd control, and since the kids have all been really good, that hasn’t been much of an issue. Here we are this past Sunday morning – the fourth Sunday of […]

Nutcracker 2015

This afternoon Jeff & I headed over to take in the matinee performance of the York County Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker, and cheer on our favorite member of the Tea Corps.  Just as we were getting ready to walk into the building, who should be walking up but Boo and Elise – what a fun surprise!  Here […]

A Christmas Present

When Alex came and picked Kimbrell up Wednesday afternoon – her last day to be staying with us before Christmas break – she brought me this precious gift they had made – a platter, with Kimbrell’s footprint as the manger.  It is so, so sweet.