Family Christmas Part II

Just finishing up downloading pictures, and here are a couple more from our fun day yesterday. Adam was a big hit doing some breakdancing for us during the talent show. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get a really good still picture of breakdancing 🙂 We sure were missing Lesley all day – it’s the first time […]

Smith Family Christmas 2016

What a great, great day we had today at our Christmas with my family.  We held it at Woodland United Methodist, Boo and Andrew’s church, in Rock Hill, as we have for the past several years.  One real highlight from this year was that Zollie brought some of the pottery he has been making to […]

LP on TV!!!

Lesley told us that the TV show The Profit came and filmed at their company.  I had never even heard of the show before then, but looked it up, and have been watching it- and recording it –  every week, watching for Betty’s Pie Whole, the place where LP works outside San Diego.  After much […]


What a great time we had yesterday. I think we ended up with 21 here for a delicious lunch. Amy & I agreed that we may say this every year, but really, all of the food was so, so good this year. Here is one of the tables: Cinnamon, Derek, Dennis, Allison, & Lee. Traditional […]

Thanksgiving Eve

Wednesday schools were out to kick off Thanksgiving Break, and all six of the grandbabes were here to spend the day. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and they spent most of it outside, but some of them wanted some crochet lessons. A couple of them really liked it, especially Mallory and Adam. Periodically I […]

Mallory – Tuesday

We had a good afternoon Tuesday after I picked Mallory and Clara up from school. This week Lindee and Jackson are in West Palm Beach on vacation, celebrating her 40th birthday and their 15th anniversary this past summer, so the girls were here for overnight. It had been career day at their school, so I […]

Another Birthday Blessing

Meg had told me earlier in the month that she had another birthday present for me, but she needed to wait until Hope was with her to give it to me. I didn’t understand, but I thought, OK. So Sunday afternoon after the Panthers game the two of them came over & gave it to […]