Fall Porch

When I got to Addie & Lee’s house yesterday to pick June and Mason up for church, they definitely had the seasonal spirit.  I got this quick picture of Mason before we headed back to the car.  Lovely!

Clara’s Soccer Game

Yesterday morning was a beautiful fall day for soccer. It was the jamboree in town, and we headed in to watched Clara play. When we got there she was just heading in to play goalie. Alas, I only get pictures when she misses the ball & lets the other team score, because otherwise I’m too […]

Winnie the Pooh

Yesterday was Elise’s play at Rock Hill High, and Boo and I went yesterday morning to take Gran.  It was a special presentation of the play for some of the first graders from throughout the Rock Hill school district (alas, not Adam 🙁 ), but Elise got permission for us to also bring Gran, since […]

Monster Mash

This evening was the Monster Mash for the 1st and 2nd graders at Bethany Elementary School, & since her dad had to coach a make-up soccer game, and her mom had to take Mallory to Nutcracker rehearsal, I got to go with Clara. Here she is all dressed up in her costume, ready to head […]

Fun Tuesday

What a good day we had yesterday.  Kimbrell & I attended the nurture luncheon at church, where really, almost all of our shut-ins and other nurture folks were able to be there.  We loved that.  Then after we picked Mallory & Clara up at school we just went to their house to hang out, since […]

The altar at church

I keep the early service nursery at church on Sundays, and yesterday Sarah Robinson was in there helping me, along with her son AJ & niece Robinson. Ms. Meg came by & got the kids to all go with her to help set up the altar for the contemporary service.  It was covered with broken […]

Shea’s 50th Birthday Party

Last night was a fun evening, as we headed over to Boo & Shea’s to celebrate Shea’s big day. The plan had been to have the party – complete with DJ – out on their patio, but the rain altered those plans just a little bit. They did, however, have a couple of tents set […]