Mal and Clara

This has been Red Ribbon Week at the elementary schools here in Clover – every day at each school they have a different theme. It is really cute – Monday when we went to eat breakfast with June and Mason it was Support Your Favorite Team Day, and they were decked out in their Panthers […]

More Halloween activities

Wednesday when June and Mason got here after school, they were excited to find that as Papa was dismantling the Haunted Trail, he’d left a few creatures around the living room to keep us company. We tried making another Halloween craft/snack:  pretzel pumpkins.  The stems were to be green m & m’s, so Mason had […]

Clover Choral Festival 2015

Yesterday evening was this annual event, when all of the 4th and 5th grade choruses from all of the elementary schools in town come together for a concert.  They have been working since school began on the same songs, so yesterday they all came & spent the day at the high school working together, and then […]

Monday Pictures

Most Mondays I don’t have many pictures to share – it’s a work day for me, and really, not much happens in the evenings.  Yesterday, though, was Grandparents’ Breakfast at Larne Elementary School, so Jeff & I went by and picked up June & Mason at their house, & they showed us the ropes at […]

Final Haunted Trail Pictures (maybe :-) )

Yesterday afternoon Andrew brought Adam over to walk around the trail one more time, and a little later Lindee brought the girls over.  The night it was over Jeff, Jackson, Mallory, & Clara had brought in all the cardboard things, and the electrical & battery operated items, but most of it was still up, so Jeff & […]

Here are a couple of more pictures from last night, including this one of our favorite Hazmat Zombie 🙂 The little kid group in the Witches’ Lair… Our grand finale for the evening was a birthday cake for Lee’s mom Bennie, who was celebrating her 60th birthday that evening.  A great end to a great […]

Saturday Pictures

What an absolutely awesome day we had yesterday.  It started out at the soccer field, with Clara’s last regular season game.  Here she is getting after it – in the maroon with the yellow headband.  She was playing U-8, and they came so far this year.  We were proud! Then last night was our annual […]

Playing guitar

Yesterday when we were at Momma’s after we took Clara to dance, Mallory didn’t have any homework to take up all her time – Clover schools are out today for Parent- Teacher conferences – so Mal got to take her guitar inside & give Gran & me a little concert :-).

Wednesday Pix

October is Pastor Appreciation Month, so yesterday while June and Mason were here we made pies for Tommy, Meg, and Brandon.  Here is June hard at work spreading on the whipped cream.  Also yummy! Then last night was BIG at church, and were the kids ever excited when we got there and there were musical instruments, […]