Mal’s new library book

Earlier this month, Mallory checked out a book about pirates from her school library that Jeff was all excited about, and read from cover to cover.  Then when she got here this Tuesday she’d checked out a book about Indiana, “H is for Hoosiers.”  Again, he was thrilled with her library choice 🙂

Grits for Grandparents

Yesterday was the first big Grandparents’ day that they’d ever held at Rosewood Elementary School, where Charlie & Adam go. It was great fun getting to see a little more of their school, and to visit with the principal some. Here are our guys while we’re waiting in line for breakfast. Adam with his Papa, […]

Cousins’ sleepover

A couple of times a year all of the cousins some over to spend the night together – it is a big thing around here for them to get to do that.  June, especially, had been asking for a while, so Saturday night it was.  It was overcast and drizzly, but luckily enough it was […]

Big news for Mallory

Yesterday when we took Clara to dance, the roles for this Christmas’s performance of The Nutcracker were posted.  Mallory had auditioned earlier in the week, and she was so excited to see that she had gotten a part as a member of the Tea Corps :-).  Later on that afternoon, while she & I were […]

Mason’s birthday cake milkshakes

Mason’s 6th birthday is next week – what??? – so we kicked off his celebration here this afternoon by making special milkshakes. Here he is painting corn syrup on the glass, so he can decorate it with sprinkles 🙂 Our finished product. How cute is this? Yummy too 🙂

Clara the babysitter

Yesterday afternoon Lindee picked Mallory up from here a little bit early to get to Rock Hill for tryouts for The Nutcracker this holiday season, and Clara stayed here so I could run her into soccer practice a little later.  Kimbrell fell asleep and I had to get up & get ready to go, so […]

Little Hope and Ginger

Monday afternoon when I stopped by to pick Meg up for us to go see “War Room” I was finally able to meet Hope’s new dog.  It actually is an old dog – about ten years old, I think they said – from the shelter, but such a sweetheart.