Murfreesboro Weekend

What a sad, emotional, wonderful, fun weekend I just had.  A man who was very influential in my life, and the lives of so many people, died last week.  He had been my Sunday school teacher and church youth leader, and he and his wife were great friends with Momma & Daddy.  Mr. Brooks was […]

Last Day of Summer

Today was the last day any of the grand ones would be here over summer break, as schools start back Monday and Tuesday.  Clara had asked that we get in one more good day of swimming at Charlotte’s pool before summer was over, and even though they were out of town, Charlotte said we could […]

Today’s Pictures

This week I started keeping that sweet Kimbrell Ann two days a week. The kids were soooo excited to be able to spend time with her today. We walked down to the playground at the end of the road, & she had fun doing a little swinging with Mallory. It also was supposed to be […]

Pride of the Carolinas

I was so excited when we stopped for lunch at a convenience store on the way home from the beach Saturday & I found a Carolina Panthers pepsi! Haven’t seen them yet in this area, but maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places. We shall see.

LP’s going away party

Boo & Shea had as much of the family – and a couple of friends – over this evening as could get there to with Lesley Pearl good luck on her upcoming move – this Friday! – to San Diego.  Here is a group shot with everyone in it.  What a special evening for a […]

Out to eat at the beach

Friday we went to the Inlet View for lupper. We’d eaten a big late breakfast at the house, so weren’t hungry until late. Got there about 4, and it was perfect timing, because we got right in. When we were leaving folks were coming in in droves. Charlotte & I hadn’t eaten there before, but […]

Glow in the Dark Oobleck

Wednesday when the kids were here we made magic mud, or oobleck.  The week before June, Mason, & I – along with Charlotte’s granddaughter Brenna – had gotten some starch out of a bag of potatoes.  We used it to make the goo.  Charlie & Adam were here Wednesday, too, and they just used a […]

Clara’s Memo Boards

We had not done an involved craft project here at the house in quite a while – I guess maybe those are more for wintertime, when we’re stuck inside?  Anyway, yesterday we remedied that by making note boards out of cork.  The girls were with Jeff & me when we went by Michaels after Gran’s […]

Clara and Granny’s birthday cake

Yesterday was Momma’s 83rd birthday, and when I got back here from picking up the girls, we started right in baking her a butter pecan cake to take over to her house after naptime that afternoon.  Mallory took this picture of Clara adding the nuts to the icing. We pulled up at Gran’s that afternoon […]