Our Saturday

We had a good, busy day today. June and Mason spent the night last night, and before their dad came to pick them up this morning we had time to do some science. They loooooove doing some science 🙂 We tried making tie dyed milk, and they absolutely loved it. And it was the easiest […]

Piedmont Boys

Thursday night Jeff & I headed up to Mac’s Speed Shop in Steele Creek to meet friends Maxie & Diane, and their son Mac, for supper, and to hear a band that Jeff had been telling and telling me about:  The Piedmont Boys.  Sometimes Jeff kinds of raves about bands that I am not all that […]

Mal Mal

  Tuesday Clara got sick during the day at school, and since I had the baby, Emmy went and picked her up.  So it was just Mallory here with us after school, and we tried the same experiment that June and Mason had so enjoyed the week before, with the penny on the ring of […]

Royalty :-)

Monday when June and Mason came over after school, June made Mason a crown to wear since he was being so good :-). She’d gotten the pirate insert at school that day. Then Mason decided Kimbrell needed a crown to wear, too, so he made her one out of notebook paper. And she left that […]

Promotion Sunday

Since the beginning of time, I guess – at least since I was little – Methodist churches have presented their third graders with Bibles on promotion Sunday. This past week June reached that milestone. I didn’t want to use the flash during the service, so the picture didn’t turn out great, but here she is […]

Saturday Morning

Saturday morning my first stop was Summerfest, in York, where Meg and Mike had set up their Hope Leather Products tent. I had never actually seen them set up at a show before, and didn’t know when they would be any closer, so figured this was a good chance to stop by and see them. […]

Our new school schedule

    Yesterday was the first day we picked June and Mason up for this new school year.  Actually, it was the first time we’d ever picked Mason up at all from Larne Elementary School, since he has just started kindergarten.  I picked Mallory & Clara up on Tuesday, and never took a single picture […]

Murfreesboro Saturday

Saturday morning Andy, Amy, & I had such fun tooling around Murfreesboro.  Andy fixed us cheese toast for breakfast at home, & then we headed out.  We made a quick stop at Haynes Hardware with Andy, a long standing Murfreesboro enterprise, although it was in a new location from when I lived there forty years […]