Charlie’s Week at Asbury Hills

Jenny sent me a link today where we could go on the Asbury Hills website and see pictures of Charlie having fun during his first week of church camp.  He looks like he’s having a great time, and I am so looking forward to hearing all about it when he gets home.  We’re not sure […]

Playing Beauty Shop

Today I took Momma back to the heart doctor to get the results of the tests she had run a couple of weeks ago (all good results. Yay!). Leesy came over to her house to play with the kids – Mallory, Clara, and Adam – there while we went. We brought KFC home for lunch, […]

Hope Riordan’s Unbirthday Party – Sweet Sixteen

What a special day yesterday was.  Hope wanted to celebrate her birthday early, instead of waiting until November, because her friends Laura and Sarah are down visiting from Massachusetts.  Meg rented out the Sylvia Theater in York & we watched the movie “Spirit,” the first movie Hope ever went to watch at a movie theater.  […]

Friday Night at the Sylvia Theater

Friday night Jeff & I headed to York to the Songwriter Round at the Sylvia Theater.  It was great.  They just had these five local musicians sitting on the stage, and for two hours they took turns singing songs they’d written, and telling the stories behind the songs.  I really, really enjoyed it.  We’ll definitely […]

Bible School

  This past week was Bible school at church.  I don’t always help with Bible School – it seems like a lot of times it’s scheduled during our vacation.  This year it wasn’t during our vacation, but it was the week that Amy and Liz were here, so I still wasn’t able to help.  June […]

As Addie Says, Family Love

Last night, while Liz and Amy were in town, we had supper with here with as many family members as could join us. Sherri drove up from Augusta, and Andrew & Jenny & the boys were here, & Addie & Lee & their kids, & Boo and Lesley. It was a good evening with some […]

What a fun Tuesday

  At Momma’s, trying to get my stairstep picture.  Every year we have a little over a month – from June’s birthday on July 18 til Adam’s on August 29 – that they are all a different year old.  This year Mallory is ten, Charlie nine, June eight, Clara seven, Adam six, and a missing […]

Monday at the House

Monday morning I ran out and picked Mallory & Clara up, & brought them back to the house.  While I was at their house Addie texted to ask if she could bring June and Mason over while she went & got her hair done.  Of course the cousins were all excited about that.  Almost as […]