Second Visit to RMNP

Wednesday we made a second trip to The Park, since we’d only gotten as far as the Continental Divide on our first trip.  On the way, though, we stopped to make pictures in Byers Canyon, which we drove through every trip from Steamboat Springs.  It literally took my breath away the first time we drove […]

Shopping in Steamboat Springs

We are actually staying in Steamboat Springs on our vacation, and we have been so busy on the go to sites east and west that we hadn’t even had a chance to check out the town.  Tuesday afternoon we spent a couple of hours checking it out.  It was like a lot of tourist destinations […]

More Dinosaur National Monument Pix

Here are a few more pictures of the absolutely awesome day we spent in Utah.  In The Quarry, which is the display building containing the fossils, they had a section where you can actually touch the dinosaur fossils.  Here are Mallory and Clara checking them out. Here is some more of the amazing desert scenery […]

Dinosaur National Monument Visit

Monday of our vacation we headed west, in the exact opposite direction from where we traveled Sunday.  We were going towards Utah, & had no idea what to expect.  State Highway 40 went through several small towns as we left Steamboat Springs, and Jeff & I were excited to see a Sinclair gas station.  Neither […]

More Rocky Mountain Pictures

Here are a couple more pictures from our incredible day Sunday.  I was trying to get a picture of the herd of elk that were hanging out in the field in front of us while we were picnicking for lunch, but we were too far away.  It was neat watching them, though, and the scenery […]

First Visit to Rocky Mountain National Park

Yesterday morning we got up early & headed a couple of hours east to Rocky Mountain National Park.  It really exceeded every expectation I’d had all my life.  Wow.  Just wow.  Our first hike of the day was to Adams Falls.  It was an easy hike, according to the guide books – a little strenuous […]

Vacation Lazy Day

Today was our recuperating from traveling day – we spent the day hanging out at the resort, enjoying the pool and hot tub, making a grocery store run, reading & just in general being as lazy as we could.  Jeff did find a really good game room here at the resort while he was checking […]

First Day of Vacation

Yesterday morning – actually Thursday night – our vacation of the summer began.  We hit the road from Lindee & Jackson’s, after a couple of stops to go back & check that our coffee maker was turned off, and to get the girls’ birth certificates, we hit the road to the airport in Atlanta.  After […]

Mallory’s Awards Day

  This morning was the Fourth Grade Awards Ceremony at Bethany Elementary School, where Mallory and Clara go.  Mal really got a lot of awards – most of the academic awards, and then several for the different clubs and activities she participates in.  I THINK this was her getting her certificate for being in the […]