A Special Friday

  What a good day yesterday was.  We spent the morning at June’s awards program for her second grade at Larne Elementary School.  Every child in every class received an award – here is Mrs. Cheatham’s class showing off all their certificates.  June received the award for Excellence in Writing, and for anyone who knows […]

Charlie’s Program

Thursday night was the first big conflict of our grandparenting scheduling that I can remember – Mason’s preschool graduation and Charlie’s third grade program were held at the same time.  SO, Jeff went to Mason’s program, and I headed to Rock Hill.  BUT, Adam had been sick, sick with a high fever all week long, […]

Amber & family’s visit

It was a fun, busy, family-filled Memorial Day weekend, and it was winding down when Amber & her kids came by for a visit with Momma on their way home from Sherri’s house.  These pictures looked so much brighter on my camera – not sure what’s going on with that.  Anyway, here is my great […]

Charlie & Adam’s last baseball games

Saturday we headed to Rock Hill to take in both of the boys’ last games of the season.  They’ve played for several years in the league at Catawba Baptist Church, but next year Charlie will be old enough for kid pitch ball, which they don’t have there.  Here are the boys before their games started.  […]

Pound Cake Baking

Yesterday when June and Mason were at the house we did some baking – one of their favorite activities. They are getting so big that they are actually good helpers now with a lot of the jobs that go into cooking. June almost always remembers to keep the mixer straight up and to keep it […]

Adam’s Kindergarten Program

Rosewood Elementary isn’t holding a kindergarten graduation ceremony this year per se, but yesterday morning was Adam and his classmates’ end-of-the-year program.  It was so cute.  They sang several songs, including some in French, since he is in a French Immersion Program, and one where they thanked God for all the different parts of the […]


Wednesday night Lindee & I had tickets to the performance of “Pippin” with the Broadway Lights series in Charlotte.  We had absolutely no idea what it was about, so didn’t really have much in the way of expectations, though.  As it turned out, it was great!  Another fun, fun evening.