Leesy’s Junior Prom

Saturday afternoon we headed over to Boo and Shea’s house to see Elise in all her finery, getting ready to head off to her junior prom.  She looked so, so pretty as she descended the stairs to her admiring throng. Her best friend from forever, Mary Catherine, who isn’t old enough for prom yet, did […]

Mallory’s Spring Chorus Performance

Mallory is in the Bethany Elementary School Chorus again this year, and last week was their spring performance.  They sang a couple of cute songs, but the biggest part of the performance was selections from “Les Miserables.”  They learned a lot about the actual story of the musical, which Mal really enjoyed, and they did […]

Last Tuesday

Last Tuesday Mallory & Clara came back to the house after I picked them up at school, and we decided that we’d do a little baking then, too.  Here they are cracking eggs to go in some pecan pies. Mal & Clara stayed at the house for supper and showers, and then we took them […]

Some Catching Up

With no internet at home now, I’m a little behind on my picture posting, but am trying to get a little bit of catching up done today.  These are from LAST Friday – ten days ago now.  It had been raining all week, and still was that day, so Mason & I decided to go […]

Mallory’s 4th Grade Field Trip

Yesterday I was able to go with Mallory’s 4th grade class for the day on their field trip to Charleston.  It really was such fun.  Lindee went, and Jackson’s mom Emma, but we drove down in Lindee’s car – only teachers on the bus.  We spent the morning at the South Carolina State Aquarium – […]

Mallory’s 10th Birthday Party

What an awesome day we had today celebrating Mal’s 10th birthday.  Her party was at our church, and it was An Afternoon in Paris.  This kid LOVES Paris.  The girl that has done Lindee’s cakes for forever is no longer baking, so she had to try a new bakery in Gastonia.  How beautiful did this […]

Friday Pix

What a good day we had yesterday.  Addie is only working every other Friday now, so I don’t always have them on our old regular schedule.  Yesterday we did, though, and Mason & I spent the morning making creamsicle pies.  They were pretty tasty.  Here he is stirring away. Then in the afternoon, when June […]

Tuesday Pictures

Tuesday afternoon was a busy one after I picked the girls up from school.  There was so much going on that we decided at the last minute to just go to their house to hang out until we had to be at Pizza Man for an early supper at 4:30, for their school’s fundraiser.  They […]