Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday at church we always meet downstairs in the lobby, and then process around to the front of the church waving palm branches.  This year they even had a live donkey to lead us!  Here is the procession as we are walking around.  It was cool that morning, but beautiful and sunny, for […]

Saturday Pix

Friday night four of the cousins slept over, and it was a good time.  I had promised Charlie the next time he came over we’d make lemon pies, so Saturday morning while we were waiting for it to warm up enough for them to get outside, we got busy doing a little baking.  Here is Mason, […]

Cooking, as usual

Last Friday ended up being a makeup snow day for the kids at school, so they didn’t come over until after school.  They did end up spending the night, though, so they helped me make chicken scallopine for supper, and were there to eat it, too :-).  Here is Chef Mason flouring the chicken.  That […]

Grandkids visiting together

Last week when I picked Mallory & Clara up after school we headed straight to my friend Charlotte’s house, because her granddaughter Brenna, who’s Clara’s age, was there spending her week of spring break with her grandma.  The girls had great fun playing together, setting up a restaurant and serving Charlotte and me.  Good times […]

Our two nine-year-olds

When we were over visiting at Gran’s Saturday afternoon, Mallory reminded us that it was the last day she & Charlie would be nine-year-olds together.  I cannot believe it, but I’m glad she reminded us so we could get a picture of the two of them together.

School Board Meeting

Monday night Mallory and three of her classmates were chosen to make a presentation to the Clover School Board meeting.  Their class had been working most of the spring writing parodies for their history class, & then used the I-pads they all were issued through the school this year to record them.  Mallory worked with […]

Lori’s Shower

Saturday afternoon I rode down to Camden with Sandy, the grandmother-to-be, and Kathy Hayes, a friend from church who also happens to be Sandy’s stepsister, to a shower for Lori.  How this child can be old enough to be birthing a baby is beyond me.  She should still be about eight years old!  Anyway, it […]

Our Busy Friday

What a good day we had last Friday.  Mason came over to spend the day, but didn’t get there until later in the morning, since he had to go get a haircut and run a few other errands with his mom and dad.  We cooked lunch and took good naps, and then when June got […]

String Easter Eggs

Tuesday when the kids were at the house, we worked some more on their string Easter eggs.  June and Mason finished theirs up, Mallory finished putting the string on hers & we hung it back up to dry, and Clara tried to work on hers – but her experiment in making it bigger than the […]