Fun Tuesday

Tuesday when I picked Mallory & Clara up from school we just went to their house for the afternoon.  We snacked, they played outside – it was a gorgeous afternoon, did homework, and then we STILL had time to make duck calls from straws before we headed into town to pick June up to go […]

Mason, last Friday

What a fun day Mason & I had last week before we picked June up from school.  Actually we had fun AFTER we picked her up, too – just not as many pictures :-).  The first thing we did when Mase got to the house was check the chicken bones we are rubberizing.  I think […]

Little Hope Comes Over

My friend Meg’s daughter Hope is taking a photography class, and Mallory & Clara are serving as some of her models.  Tuesday she came over when they got to the house after school for another round of picture taking.  Here they are just as they finished up, when we were all getting ready to head […]

Off to Europe

Big excitement in our family – Cooper and his girlfriend Rachel headed out Monday morning to spend the next 3+ months backpacking through Europe.  How wonderful does that sound?!?!  I am so excited for them.  They flew out of Charlotte Monday morning, so I got to meet Coop, and his mom and dad, for breakfast […]

Friday Pictures

What a fun afternoon we had last Friday when June and Mason were at the house.  We decided to try a science experiment that I’ve been wanting to do I think, really, since I heard about it as a kid, where you turn chicken bones to rubber.  Mason & I fixed barbecued chicken drumsticks for […]


Doing a little more catching up on pictures from last week this morning.  This is one I took out our back door last Tuesday morning, I think it was, of the absolutely gorgeous sunrise that morning.  This picture doesn’t begin to do it justice – it was jaw dropping.  What a beautiful way God made […]