Thanksgiving Day

We had lunch here as usual on Thanksgiving day.  I cooked the turkey, dressing, gravy, and apple crisp; everyone else made all the delicious side dishes & other desserts.  I’m pretty sure we all ate way too much – I know I did!  Here are Boo & Lesley listening to Elise read the book that […]

Thanksgiving Break

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving the kids were out of school, and four of the six grand ones spent the day here.  Charlie & Adam got to come & hang out with Mallory & Clara, which was fun, because normally Char & Adam aren’t here that often.  We spent the day making crepes.  It was literally […]

Claw or Paw

Tuesday, the last day of school before the kids had Thanksgiving break, was their incentive celebration for Bethany Elementary School – they all wore their Clemson or Carolina gear, & had a big tailgate party outside to celebrate the big game coming up.  Our girls are Gamecocks through and through 🙂

Elise & Sarah singing at church

Last Sunday I kept the early nursery at our church, but had gotten Sunday school and the second service covered, so we – Charlie & Adam had spent the night after Parents Night Out the evening before – headed to Rock Hill to Woodland UMC, where Elise was singing a duet with her good, good […]

Parents Night Out

Last Saturday night my friend Sherry Adams & I, as part of the Kingdom Investment Project at church, hosted a Parents Night Out to raise money.  We had twelve kids, & it went really well.  They played for a good while in the gym, with all the balls & other fun things there, and then […]

Last Friday Pix

What a good time last Friday was.  We tried making peanut brittle with June and Mason that afternoon.  It had turned out so yummy with Mallory & Clara a couple of weeks before that I thought we’d try it again.  We were going to try making some pretzel brittle though, since June is allergic to […]

Off to the Sock Hop

Still catching up on old pictures – these are from Tuesday a week ago.  Instead of coming here after I picked the girls up at school, we went to their house.  Lindee got off work early, & brought them a Thanksgiving surprise – a blow up Snoopy dressed up as a pilgrim.  There they are […]

Jeff & Lindee’s Birthday

Since I was out of town the weekend before, when we normally would’ve celebrated Lindee’s birthday, we combined hers with Jeff’s on the 15th.  She & her girls were here, & Addie & Lee – June & Mason were out of town with Lee’s mom, & Meg & her family.  Here they are getting ready […]

Cartesian Divers

These kids do love doing a science experiment.  I wish I knew enough about science to explain some of the principles behind the things we do.  A week or so ago we made the divers out of straws and clay.  Then we put them in a two liter bottle filled with warm water.  When you […]