What a great day yesterday was, as we got to see Elise perform in her starring role of Tracy in the Rock Hill High School production of “Hairspray.”  I really cannot rave enough about the performances she gave, and how excited & proud of her we are!  The day started out with Mason & I […]

Thursday Pictures

On my lunch hour yesterday, I headed over to my friend Charlotte’s house.  They had been out of town for five days, vacationing in Pigeon Forge to celebrate her mom’s 90th birthday, & when they got home a pipe had burst in their upstairs bathroom, and flooded their dining room downstairs.  Lots of cleanup had […]

BooFest at the Clover Library

Last night was the Halloween party at the library for kids age 6 – 8. June & Clara had been to the Alice in Wonderland Unbirthday Party a few weeks ago, & had such a good time that they were very anxious to head back for this good time. We got there a little bit […]

Cousin Visit

What a fun time we had today.  Schools were out in York County – I guess for Columbus Day? – so Charlie & Adam & June & Mason were all here.  The cousins had such fun playing together.  We made spider candy this morning.  Here is Charlie emptying the butterscotch chips in the pot so […]

June & her Night Light

Yesterday afternoon we made Jack-O-Lantern nightlights with June & Mase.  Here is June mod podging tissue paper on the old Ovaltine container :-).   And showing off her finished product.  They really did turn out cute.    

At Amelie’s

Our usual Wednesday night schedule has changed a little bit, now that Mallory stays at dance late for Nutcracker rehearsals.  After she finishes her regular classes, she has an hour & fifteen minutes before she has to be back, so that gives us time to run get supper.  Lindee stayed with Mal for her late […]

Fun Tuesday

When Mallory & Clara got here after school yesterday, they took a turn making the painted and glitter pumpkins.  They were VERY excited about this craft.   Then we headed into town to meet their mom & dad at Pizza Man, where it was Bethany Elementary Night.  This year Lindee is in charge of the […]

Our Church Turkey Dinner

This past Saturday was our Fall Extravaganza at church.  I helped out serving the drinks, and Lindee brought Mallory & Clara there for lunch.  And while they were eating, Addie came in with June and Mason to get their plates to take home for lunch.  So they sat down & visited a while together, while […]